Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Endorsement Time In Old Virginia

I have two serious addictions. Coffee. And a smoke.

After a day of wrangling 11th and 12th grade students, and answering 25 dozen - at least - questions, some inane, a precious few thoughtful and on subject, that is all I long for.

Most afternoons, around 3:15, I can be found caressing a cup of hot coffee and fingering a smoldering cigarette at the cafe closest to my school.

Yesterday was such a day. In the midst of my reverie, my cell phone rang. A quick glance at the screen showed an 804 area code and an unfamiliar number. I answered.


"Alton? This is Matt Wells, with the Bill Bolling for Lt. Governor campaign."

"Hi Matt, how you doing?"

"Oh, I can't complain."

"Come on, Matt. Remember, I know you. I've heard you complain. You do it quite well."

"OK, you got me. But what I really want to know is, can I add your name to a list of 9th District supporters of Bill for Lt. Governor?" (Side note: I've recently moved two miles away, into the 9th Congressional District, and the 16th Legislative District. So long Perriello. So long Ward.)

"Of course Matt. Enthusiastically. Emphatically. Any other superlatives you want to use are fine with me. I love alliteration, please pick one or two that start with 'E'."

"Sure. How about Energetically?"

"You don't really know me, do you Matt?"

Or at least that's a rough paraphrasing of the conversation I had with Matthew on Thursday afternoon.

I do enthusiastically, emphatically, and yes, even energetically endorse Bill Bolling in his quest for the Republican nomination to be our Lt. Governor candidate. My regular readers know my affinity for coal and coalfield people. Coalfield Bill has my complete support.

Previously I've officially endorsed Don Merricks, coming soon will be my endorsements of what I hope to be the final Republican slate in my area; Bob McDonnell for Governor, John Brownlee for Attorney General, Danny Marshall in the 14th House District, Charles Poindexter in the 9th House District, a currently un-named candidate from Carroll County who will hopefully become our standard bearer in the 10th House District, and Bill Carrico in the neighboring House District to our West.