Thursday, June 29, 2006

Registration Open

Registration is now open for Blogs United in Martinsville for free Speech conference in August.

You can register securely using PayPal at the Blogs United website, or if you prefer you can use the e-mail link also found on the Blogs United website to inquire about alternative methods of registration.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Who'll Stop The Rain?

To quote an old CCR tune. Not me, that's for sure.
If losing the internet for the evening due to a storm causes writing like this, I'm going to start doing a rain dance every couple of days!

My Favorite Mennonite

I've been meaning to mention this for a while now, it looks like Hans is back from his recent sabbatical. Welcome back, Hans, hope you had an enlightening experience.

Monday, June 26, 2006

What Lowell Does Not Tell You About Jacqui Newman

From the March 2006 issue of the College Republican Federation of Virginia newsletter, in entirety;(emphasis added)
Jacqui Newman learned about CRFV this summer through her on-line Facebook club, "Virginians for Jerry Kilgore" . Newman is a first-generation American, whose family remembers living under Fidel Castro's regime. Her aunt was even put in jail for political reasons. Newman said "From a very young age I learned republican values, even on international issues." Jacqui is a Freshmen Political Science major at the University of Mary Washington. Newman's enthusiasm obtained the appointment of Statewide Political Director. She declares that she is "realistic," and looks forward to seeing the Republican Party take a stronger stand to protect the unborn and national safety.
I don't know where Lowell got this quote;
Her aunt in Florida called to recruit her to volunteer for President Bush, 'because we didn't want communists to take over the country,' Jacqui remembers.
Lowell does not reveal his source. If it's from the now removed XuQa account he should have made an archive of it before posting it. Or at least remove it now that it's no longer verifiable. That he has done neither shows him to be both lazy, (for not securing his source) and irresponsible (for maintaining a non-verifiable source). The quote above could logically be attributable to Ms. Newman's aunt in Florida, but since Lowell was too lazy, or too quick to sieze on an opportunity to smear a young Republican, and he did not save it in context, we can never know.
I now know the information came from an e-mail from Republican Party of Virginia, Lowell's mention of it having missed my attention. I recieved the e-mail yesterday as well, but only opened it today. It still does not make clear who the quote originated from. I get e-mails of this sort all the time, but so far none has sent me scurrying off to Google.

The Irony of this is shown by Lowell's immediate jump to defend the honor of "Dan" when Air America's Randi Rhodes irresponsibly blasted his post on Cindy Sheehan. It seems Dan had posted a perfectly reasonable article on Ms. Sheehan, only to hear it blasted by an obviously mistaken Liberal Talk Radio Ego.

Lowell has just as irresponsibly blasted a dedicated young republican, with no proof extant, and just like Randi Rhodes I suspect he will not re-visit the episode.

The even more reprehensible aspect of all of this is this question. The newsletter is over two months old. Who went to the trouble of googling this young lady, just in hopes of finding some "dirt" to throw at her? Lowell, I certainly hope you have more to occupy your time than that, please tell me it was someone else. I won't even ask who, just tell me you, personally, are above that.

Virginia Blog Carnival Is Open

This week the Virginia Blog Carnival is being hosted by Jason Kenney at j's notes.

Go check it out, but don't fill up on funnel cakes and cotton candy.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

This Is Moving From Interesting To Hilarious

This thing just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Go see Chad and he'll fill you in on the basics, Red State has more. It seems the Democrat's premier web guru, Mark Warner's go to guy for internet expertise, blogfather of Daily Kos, and I'm sad to say, keynote speaker at Sorensen Blog Conference, is a real whackjob.

There is more here from NY Times' David Brooks.

My Thoughts On The Gay Marriage Amendment

I do not believe that a loving gay relationship is immoral. There, I said it. First thing I said in this article, as a matter of fact. The fact that I do not believe a gay relationship to be immoral means nothing, though, until you learn some of the things I do consider to be immoral.

I think it's immoral to gamble or drink away your paycheck before your family's needs are met. I think it's immoral to cheat at business, or in a marriage for that matter. I feel it's immoral to lie under oath in court. I think it's immoral to intentionally hurt someone else, either physically or psychologically. I do believe the "rest area" type of homosexual cruising is immoral, just as frivolous, lustful heterosexual sex is immoral. There are many more, but I think this simple list is diverse enough to let you know my core beliefs.

Some, if not most of my conservative Christian brethren are against a recognized gay union because it's "immoral" or a "sin". But, is an immorality a sin? Is a sin an immorality? That's a tough pair of questions, and I'm no theologian. Biblically, not all of the immoralities I mentioned above are sins, depending on your definition of what the Bible declares to be a sin. If a sin is defined as violating one or more of the Ten Commandments, only a couple of them would be considered sins. If, on the other hand, a sin is defined as a violation of the ancient Hebrew Mosaic Law, then they all would be, along with eating that Surf and Turf you had the last time you and your wife went out to dinner, or failing to build a parapet around the perimeter of the roof of your house. Many, if not most, Christians believe they were freed from the "curse of the Law" when the Temple veil was rent in two at the time of the crucifixion. Put simply, that's when Surf and Turf and cheeseburgers and violations of Moses' building codes and homosexuality became "legal". Shellfish consumption and the combining of meat and dairy in one dish is no longer looked upon as an abomination by most Christian denominations. But homosexuality still is.

That's as deep as I'm going to go into the religious viewpoint of a gay relationship. For the purposes of this essay, any further exploration of my religious convictions on this subject are irrelevant.

Some would have you believe that codifying gay marriages would threaten traditional marriage. I suppose it could. Whenever a question of "original intent" is decided by anyone who is not the "original intenders" the possibility of twisted logic arises. But I have done a fair amount myself to debase the institution of marriage. So I won't go there either.

My opposition to the Marshall/Newman amendment, otherwise known as the "marriage amendment", is based on the effect it could have on unmarried couples of either sex.

The full text of the amendment;
That only a union between one man and one woman may be a marriage valid in or recognized by this Commonwealth and its political subdivisions.

This Commonwealth and its political subdivisions shall not create or recognize a legal status for relationships of unmarried individuals that intends to approximate the design, qualities, significance, or effects of marriage. Nor shall this Commonwealth or its political subdivisions create or recognize another union, partnership, or other legal status to which is assigned the rights, benefits, obligations, qualities, or effects of marriage
If the Marshall/Newman amendment ended with the first sentence, I could accept it. I may or may not vote for it in that form, but I could accept it as an amendment to place before the citizens of the Commonwealth. The second and third sentences muddy the water considerably. I've never been too fond of jumping blindly into a muddy stream. I won't do it this time either. I'll vote no. There are too many ways this amendment could be interpreted in the future.

A few examples, or food for thought;
  • In 2005 the General Assembly passed a law that allows small businesses and insurers to agree on health insurance plans that would cover all members of a household, including common-law spouses, in-laws, or even homosexual domestic partners. Would the passage of this amendment take that option away?
  • Would an unmarried victim of domestic abuse no longer be able to ask for a restraining order? The victim of simple assault does not have that valuable tool available.
  • How would it affect the surviving minor children of an unmarried couple?
  • What could be the implications on unmarried couples use of the courts in matters involving child custody, property rights, health care issues, and other civil cases.
  • What would be the effect on numerous and varied financial contracts between unmarried partners?
That list of questions could get really long, and they all point to the ultimate problem that I promised I would not get into. You will notice that each question could apply equally to unmarried heterosexual couples and homosexual couples. When any of these sticky questions ends up in front of a Judge, and they most certainly will if this amendment passes, what will he or she decide?

That final question bothers me. Right now I'm one half of an unmarried heterosexual couple. When I find the right other half I'll let you know.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Clear Thinking On Campbell Ave.

The Roanoke Times circulation department offers a "vacation stop", temporarily suspending your subscription while you are away from home. There's nothing unusual about that. I would imagine most newspapers offer such a service.

The purpose of this is obvious. If you decide not to take the Times circulation department up on their kind offer, some of those folks in your neighborhood that have been described as "least likely to succeed" will certainly notice the newspapers piling up on your porch. You can bet that their first reaction will not be, "Hmm, Mr. Foley must have decided he doesn't like the Roanoke Times anymore, I think I'll take those papers and read them myself". Nope, he will know that Mr. Foley has (1) not been home in a few days, (2) is not likely to be home for a few more days, (3) there's good stuff to be had in an unoccupied house. Fortunately, on those occasions when it's not possible or practical to use a vacation stop, we do have a competent police presence. They may not be able to prevent a break in, but their presence does at least cause second thoughts in a criminal brain

Now, the circulation department obviously has someone on their staff that has thought such situations through and decided that a vacation stop service would be a good thing to offer their customers.

Perhaps the editorial department should go downstairs and recruit a couple of clear thinkers from the circulation department. Today the editorial staff comes out in favor of telling the bad guys in Iraq to just wait and watch for the newspapers to start piling up in front of our barracks. It'll happen soon, bad guys, just wait.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mark Heath, Check Your Toolbox

Badrose is on a roll. Not only has she posted her first couple of items on her new blog, she joined me via e-mail and IM to co-host the VBC this week.

Today, she's apparently been reading the Richmond Times-Dispatch and has issued a challenge to both Arlington County and Mark Heath, the new director of the Martinsville/Henry County EDC.

Follow this link to read the rest, (includes a bonus feature. A new jingle to warm the heart of H.G. Vaughn. "The jingle not something you joke about")

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

VBC With A Twist

First, let me apologize for the delay in the release of the Virginia Blog Carnival. Just as we were settling in to begin the enjoyable process of compiling a good carnival, something came up that required my complete attention. I am pleased to report that all is well, the difficulty being resolved by mid-morning today (Monday).

Oh, you noticed that "we" up there in the previous paragraph? Yes, as the headline says, it's a carnival with a twist. For the first time ever, you have Co-Hosts for the Virginia Blog Carnival.

Let me introduce my Co-Host, You will come to know her as Badrose, but her name is not Rose. I'll have to let her explain the meaning of the "nom de plume". She is also one of the energetic ladies working with me on the Blogs United conference in August. She is a genuine SWVA belle, being from the great town of Richlands, though she came to Martinsville via Richmond, Hanover and Goochland. Her new blog promises to be similar in flavor to CathouseChat, a delightfully diverse blend of life and politics. I can tell you now though, she is not to be trifled with, she has Newt on speed dial and she knows how to wire can light fixtures.
Yes, I have successfully wired one can light (thanks to you) and plan to wire the 27 others sometime between now and the day I die.

I guess we were brought together by Will Vehrs - more lemonade from the lemons. I was most impressed and touched by the responses of Alton, Barnie, Waldo and numerous others who felt as I did after hearing about the Bulletin's attack on him, "They've got the wrong guy!" I jumped at the chance to meet Will in person and then jumped again at the opportunity to help organize the Blogs United in Martinsville for Free-Speech. Now I find myself jumping yet again to co-host a blog carnival. I just made my first (successful) hyperlink yesterday! Where I jump next is anyone's guess....

Anyway - I'm glad to be here - in Martinsville and on imnotemeril's site.
This week there were not a lot of submissions to the Carnival, I suppose because of the "burn out" so many Virginia bloggers probably experienced after attending the Sorensen Institute's Blog Conference. But what we got is quality. Good stuff. Let's get to it.

Where should we start? Let's check out Kilo as he ponders Father's Day. I know what he is talking about in this post, I could have written it myself, but probably not quite as well.
Oh, hell. Yesterday was Father's Day, wasn't it? Sorry, dad, I was working on my blog site...I'll explain a blog to you later, although it won't matter because you're still confused by the mouse....
Here's a link to Kilo's Father's Day tribute.

Those Democrat types just held an election and nobody came. Well, nobody was accompanied by a few, but it can hardly be called a turnout. Let's call it a trickleout. I suppose it can be blamed on the fact that the last time there was a Democratic primary my hair was a reddish brown, and actually came down into my eyes, that ain't never going to happen again. But Doug Mataconis insists on analyzing why the turnout was so low for this one. Let's humor him and go read his analysis. What do you think about the low turnout Badrose?
Voter apathy, beautiful weather, Republicans telling them the primary was Wednesday.... Take your pick.
Below The Beltway.

I said earlier that the sparse submissions to this Carnival could possibly be blamed on the recent conference. But the ODBA's nod to diversity has come through with a post about her experiences at her first blog conference. Don't worry, RC, by the time you've finished with the one in Martinsville, I assure you the stars will be out of your eyes. I ain't nearly as pretty as Waldo, but I'll try to be just as good a host.
I loved the female (or is it feline?) perspective on the Charlottesville conference - I'm even more depressed that I didn't go!
Romeocat's link.

We have another Father's Day tribute, this time from Vivian Paige from Norfolk, not VA Beach. (Nanny nany na na, Romeocat. I got it right the first time.) This one is so moving that I considered saving it for last. Just so your eyes would not be misty for the next one.
I think I'll copy it and mail it to my dad....
Vivian's Link.
I'm not sure if I even support heterosexual marriage anymore but here's more food for thought on the issue of gay marriage from our northern friends: (Yourenotemeril, between us we have five marriages and five divorces, what do you think about marriage?)
I love being married. Unfortunately my ex wives did not feel quite the same way. (Looks left and right) is this a proposal? Via E-mail? Should I be on my knees? Should you?
If I married you I'd hafta kill you. But don't worry, you'd already be wishing you were dead before I even put the Drain-O in your Mint Julep....
Seriously, I do not believe the institution of marriage should be monkeyed with, but personally I have some problems with the current proposal to amend the Virginia Constitution. That said, let's consider what Sophrosyne has to say in this article.

NOVATownHall Link
Is "world-renounded" a word? This next one left me divided: Half of me hoped he was writing "tongue in cheek" the other half hoped he wasn't. I just know I'm deeply thankful to Dr. Steven Hawking for planting the seed in my pea-brain that when you find yourself in a place where you are incapable of any physical movement, that's the time you travel deep into your own mind. Explore it and see how deep you can go. I follow his advice every year when I have to see the gynecologist....
I always enjoy imagining that I can comprehend what Dr. Hawking is talking about,

Roci's Link

Now we come to the last contribution. From Chris at "Spank that Donkey". No, Donkey is not a typo. He really means Donkey. Chris sometimes tries to slip more than one entry into the carnival. This time I caught him. His first entry was a simple little audio post that I refuse to allow into the dignified confines of the conference. But he soon redeemed himself and contributed a proper post. In the post he managed to get past the post censors here at VBC central, he explores what was a major campaign issue during the last Governor's race. Can anyone say I told you so?
The idea of Bill Bolling running against Tim Kaine was intriguing. Maybe someone should've suggested it sooner. I watched Bolling come up through the ranks in Hanover and I won't be surprised to see him be our next Governor.

Spank That Donkey Link

I left out Bob Gibson, of the Daily Progress. Sorry Bob.

Monday, June 19, 2006

From Claire Guthrie Gastanaga...

Claire Guthrie Gastanaga has graciously posted the following
You asked for an apology. Here it is.

I am sorry. I did not mean to hurt your feelings, impugn your integrity or cause any other personal affront or offense.

Please send me permalinks (other web addresses) (or post them in comments below) with the following information so that I can better help promote your efforts:
1) date, time, place of the bloggers conference you are planning;
2) names of persons participating in planning or scheduled to present;
3) program for the event;
4) information on registration;
5) posts or other communications inviting comments/participation from fellow bloggers;
6) any other information that would be valuable in marketing the conference to other bloggers.

My response, posted in her comments reads as follows;
Thank you Claire,
I was quite certain that we could clear up this misunderstanding by open communication.

In the interest of full disclosure to your readers I would like to point out that you and I have been in almost constant communication via e-mail since 5:30am today.

I also want to point out that there was a miscommunication regarding my phone number. I either mis-typed it in my comment earlier, or you transcribed it wrong. No matter. I apologize for indicating that you were neglecting to attempt to contact me.

Your request for more information is certainly reasonable, and I'll take it one step further. As I said in one of my e-mails to you, the conference has a website now. Your readers will be the first to see the site's URL, as I will post it here.

As you can see it's a blog, with comments enabled. I hope that will allow for a more open dialogue between the organizers and the prospective attendees.

Once again Claire, I thank you and look forward to your participation in August.

Alton Foley

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Claire Guthrie Gastanaga Owes Me An Apology

Claire Guthrie Gastanaga has posted her random thoughts on this weekend's bloggers conference in Charlottesville.

Her first random thought was not very well thought out. Or at the very least not very well researched.
I am disappointed that the Virginia political blogosphere has allowed egos, partisan bickering and polarization to divide bloggers into those who attended the "liberal" Sorenson conference (strange denomination given keynotes by McDonnell and Bolling, but it is true that conservative bloggers were outnumbered) and those who will attend a "conservative" bloggers conference in Collinsville in August.
She continues with;
...Perhaps we should all go to Collinsville to seek to rebuild communications across the silly battle lines drawn this summer, that is, if those of us who participated in this weekend's meeting are "allowed" to attend the other.
This is highly offensive to me. When I first decided to do this, the very first person I went to for help was Barnie Day. Who wants to be the first to jump up and call Barnie a Conservative? Jim Gilmore, would you like to vouch for his credentials as a conservative? How about you, George Allen? No, I don't think you will find many that will. Hell, he used to give me nightmares when he was in the House of Delegates, but much more importantly,I've always admired his writing. He is a good friend today. I'm having lunch with him tomorrow, actually.

I have also made it a point in each and every reference to this conference to ask for input from the blogging community. Consequently, I have received numerous offers of help from all sides of the political spectrum, and even more suggestions.

In her post she says;
C'mon guys... Do we need to model our behavior on the traditional organizations that we all so often criticize? Wouldn't it be refreshing if we could come together despite egos and politics to engage each other as peers? We should try to do better.
OK, Claire, you have been given the means and more than ample opportunity. I posted a comment to Claire's post, since I knew it was moderated I felt it was safe to put my phone number in the comment asking her to please call me. That was around 7:00pm. It is now well past 10:30 and she has yet to ring my phone. Yet she has the temerity to state in her "apology" that
I look forward to talking with you, Alton, and to learning more about what you are planning.
Just before that oh, so sweet statement, she said;
Bottom line is that I'm just reflecting how this all "feels" to this one person who isn't in the inner blogocircle, hasn't been invited to the August meeting and who hasn't received any publicity about the event from any source.
I'm so sorry, Ms. Gastanaga, I didn't know I was supposed to fill you in personally on the event. But a simple search on blogger using the phrase "C'ville Too", which you had obviously learned somewhere, and the word "Sorensen" turns up this page. But let's suppose you had only searched on the much more common "C'ville" and "Sorensen", then in that case you get this page. You will notice that both will lead you quite quickly to my blog. If you felt slighted that I had not consulted you, then you should have gotten in touch with me.

Instead it looks to me like you are the one who has allowed ego and partisan bickering to invade your mind.

Once again, Ms. Gastanaga, I ask you to call me. You have the number.

All is well now. Ms. Gastanaga and I have resolved our differences. See here. (link)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tucker Watkins, GOP Strategist

I slipped into Charlottesville last night under cover of darkness. I met my contact, Tucker Watkins, at the Marriott Courtyard where we discussed possible speakers for the Blogs United conference in August.

Before I knew what had happened we were infiltrated by an advance scouting party of Democrat types. Being the gracious host he is, Tucker did not unleash the cannons, but instead directed them to the makeshift bar he had created on what the hotel thought would be used as a desk. Ah, I thought, he is shrewd. Loosen their inhibitions with a generous shot of excellent Bourbon, or fine Scotch, and send them back to their camp.

It worked. Word soon got out at the Al Weed reception, that the rickety desk just a block away in the Courtyard held free booze in such quantity that it should not run out soon, and it was guarded only by a couple of amiable white haired guys from Southside. That bit of information soon emptied the Weed reception. Well, empty except for Al Weed and Creigh Deeds, of course. At their last sighting, they had a member of the service staff cornered and were earnestly discussing progressive taxation and living wage levels with a confused old man who just wanted to finish mopping so he could lock up and go home to his wife and feed his beagles.

Did I mention that Tucker Watkins is shrewd? Let me tell you, he is shrewd. He thought this whole thing out. Apparently he had scouted the hotel weeks in advance. His choice of rooms from which to launch this endeavor was designed perfectly to lure those liberals into the trap.

First, he chose room number 111. Brilliant! It doesn't require much thought to remember a series of ones, and it seems they all managed that mental feat quite easily. Next, he knew that he must also make the room easy for our leftist friends to find. Now, this part of the planning is what shows just how cunning Mr. Watkins truly is. Knowing the natural inclination of his prey, he chose probably the only hotel within a 100 mile radius that requires nothing but left turns from the lobby all the way to that makeshift bar in room 111.

Unfortunately that strategy caused our only casualty last night. Our agent RC was unable find us. That third left turn into the room proved to be just too difficult for her to manage. She was able to muster the resolve to return safely to her base camp, though, for which I am thankful. I still have confidence in her abilities, and feel this was just a rookie failure that she will soon overcome.

Tucker's plan was working perfectly. In just a few short hours we managed to capture Waldo Jaquith, Vivian Paige, VirginiaCentrist, several others, and even Brian Patton, who was still wearing his full General's regalia (less tie, of course, it was informal after all). The desk/bar did it's duty and we soon had VirginiaCentrist singing like a bird. But Vivian managed to cut him off short before he released too much information. Or did she? Do any of them remember this morning just what strategy they may have revealed before we released them back to their camp?

The lone exception was General Patton, strangely he just had sober conversation with me and I think Tucker before he slipped away quietly. As I was making my departure back to Henry County in the small hours of the morning, I noticed Brian in the company of Al and Creigh discussing college tuition taxation policy with the girl who was cleaning up the tables at the Weed reception. She looked tired.

Virginia Blog Carnival Will Be Here On Monday

The time has rolled around again for me to host the Virginia Blog Carnival. I'm late getting this notice up, and a lot of you are at Sorensen, so the Carnival deadline will be extended until 8:00 Sunday night.

There is a surprise feature in this week's Carnival, I'll be joined by a guest host who is soon to join the Virginia Blog Community.

Send all entries to my e-mail, to be found on the right side of this page, or you can use the Carnival Submit Form. If you e-mail be sure to include VBC in the subject line. Also include the name of your blog, the title of your post, where in Virginia you are, your name and a permalink and trackback to your post

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New College Gets A Board

The board of directors for the New College Institute in Martinsville has been named by Governor Tim Kaine, before he visits the area today to sign the bill that gives life to the institution.

Named to the board were;
  • Elizabeth Haskell, Vice President of the Martinsville Bulletin and former City Councilwoman
  • George Lyle, Attorney for Henry County, the Henry County School Board, and Social Services.
  • Kimble Reynolds, Lawyer and vice-mayor of Martinsville.
  • Joe Roach, CEO of Memorial Hospital of Martinsville and Henry County.
  • Rob Spilman, CEO of Bassett Furniture Industries.
  • Amanda Redd, Owner of Sammy Redd and Associates.
  • Dr. Eugene Trani, president of Virginia Commonwealth University.
Perhaps the first item on the agenda could be finding an alternative to the unwieldy and unattractive name, New College Institute in Martinsville.

Please Don't Leave Yet! We'll Have Cable!

Martinsville City Councilman James Clark has a plan for the City after successfully negotiating a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Speaking with the Martinsville Bulletin he said, "I am a little disappointed this year in the budgeting process. We're asking our citizens to pay more and more." He continues by asking one more thing from the citizens of Martinsville,"do what you can" to help the city generate as much tax and utility revenue as possible, such as by not leaving the city, according to the Bulletin article by Mickey Powell.

The City's new budget increases electric utility rates by 10%, and water and sewer rates by 50% each. The budget includes a 15% hike in the real estate tax, an almost 10% increase in trash pickup service, the auto license fee increases by 45%, and finally, the meals tax gets a bump up of another 1%, which means that a meal in the restaurants in the City will be taxed at over 10%. The City has set aside over $300,000 to provide for the planned purchase of the Adlephia Cable franchise in Martinsville and Henry County. It is hoped by some that the revenue gained from operating the cable system will be adequate to offset some of the tax and fee increases.

The above paragraph outlines all the various tax increases that were required to balance the City's budget. In the interest of fair and balanced reporting, this paragraph will describe all the painful cuts made to the budget.

Mr. Clark and the City Council are asking a lot. And he's pleading please don't leave, as he waits for the citizens of Martinsville to answer the Council's request. Perhaps that suggests what he thinks their answer may be.

Democratic Primary

If you're looking here for an analysis of the Democratic Primary yesterday, you won't find it. I'm too busy right now to write a detailed account of my perception of it, but it will come soon.

Meanwhile, Kilo has his take on the ninth CD results.
and JR and Squeaky have another of their great podcasts.
See Shaun Kenney's take on it.
And Riley, as always, has stepped up to the plate (and earned himself a spot on the quote board to your right).

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

ASL Accreditation

During a conversation with a friend last night I was asked if The Appalachian School of Law in Grundy had gained accreditation yet. My short term memory was pretty much wiped out by certain excesses in the '70s but I told her that I thought it had been accredited about a year ago. I was wrong.

The Appalachian School of Law gained full accreditation yesterday, June 12, 2006. Congratulations to the School and it's faculty and students.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Never Piss Off An Ex Jarhead

The title of this article is a quote from a previously mentioned article by Steve Sisson. It reminded me of the only time I ever did.

I was working as a field engineer for a tiny little division of the Eaton Corporation. Eaton is widely diversified, making products that range from Cutler-Hammer electrical equipment one one end, Rockwell heavy truck transmissions in the middle and Golf Pride golf club grips on the other extreme.

The division I worked for was based in Salt Lake City, with manufacturing facilities in Bountiful, Utah. Named Eaton-Kenway, we built and installed automated material handling systems. Industrial robots, basically, that moved materials from one location to another, most often a finished product into a storage location awaiting movement to a shipping station.

We worked all over the world, with a typical project spanning 18 months to two years. Once I was assigned to a project in Joliet, IL. A Caterpillar Tractor factory. Our system was to move materials through the machine shop area. It would take rough castings from the foundry and move them through various milling and lathe stations until they emerged out the other end as finished valves, transmissions, or other such mechanized equipment.

Typically, I would get our equipment roughly set up, and then watch it as it went through various "exercises" that I would program into their tiny little electronic brains. When I noticed an anomaly, I would make a programming change, and watch it run some more.

I had been in Joliet for only a few days, working under a Resident Project Manager named Denver Carter, that I had never met before. One day I was watching my machines run through their exercises when Denver came by the area. "This area needs to be cleaned up" Denver said to me. "Yes, it does, I suppose" I replied. I assumed that Denver, as Project Manager would assign a day labor employee to come over and sweep the area, and gave it no further thought. A little while later, Mr. Carter came through again and said something to the effect of "I see the area has not been swept up yet". Again my response was along the lines of "Nope, nobody has swept it up yet".

Now I ain't the brightest bulb on the tree. All this time I was expecting him to assign a laborer (we had many on staff) to come over to this area and clean it up a bit.

Looking back on the situation, I can see where it would look to anyone who did not know exactly what I was doing that I was simply standing around and not doing much. But I was watching the machines run, and simultaneously checking and altering the program's code in order to make the system work as it should.

On Denver's next trip past my area it was apparent he had already had enough of this hinting crap. He told me, in no uncertain words, that I need to find a broom and sweep up the area. My response to him was, "Denver, If I was so stupid that I had to be told what to do, and when to do it, I would have joined the Marines."

A short time later I was on the phone with my boss in Salt Lake City who suggested that I might be happier if he re-assigned me to a project in Cincinnati.

The point of this story is that I could have made the same point with Mr. Carter by using the Army, Navy, or Coast Guard as my point of reference, but no. I had to choose the Marines. The one branch of our military that Lt. Colonel Denver Carter had recently retired from.

Steve Sisson Turns On A Light

I've been trying to get a handle on how I see the current Democratic Party primary for weeks now, and have had no success putting it in words on paper (OK, screen).

Tonight, Steve Sisson managed to nail it;
It's ironic how many Virginia Democrats and their left-leaning blogs are supporting Jim Webb in the primary because he voted for George W. Bush in 2000 and endorsed Allen's Senate campaign in 2000.
Can someone explain to me why the left is so obsessed with a man who once wore the uniform, but now denounces the mission of his fellow soldier in arms?

Just Some Fun Stuff

Now that's funny, I don't care who ya are.

Virginia Blog Carnival At Shaun Kenney

The Virginia Blog Carnival is up at Shaun Kenney's site. Go there now. Do not dawdle.

Cue The Twilight Zone Music

The stars must be in a very special alignment right now. Either that or the entire editorial board at the Roanoke Times went on vacation and left the janitorial staff to write today's lead editorial. How else can it be explained? It's well thought out, it's reasonable, and it includes all the pertinent facts. The exact opposite of what we've come to expect from Campbell Ave.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Playing Games On Campbell Ave.

I've often criticized the editorial board up there in the Campbell Ave offices of The Roanoke Times Daily Fishwrap. They tend to make it quite easy for me to criticize them. Their frequent left leaning editorials seldom, if ever, tell the entire story. Today's (Sunday) is no exception, titled "Playing Games With The Constitution".
The Constitution of the United States of America -- this nation's foundational document, which has guided a maturing democratic republic for more than two centuries -- should not be toyed with for crass political reasons.

Yet President Bush and congressional Republicans did exactly that last week with an amendment to ban same-sex marriages. They plan to do the same this week with an amendment to allow Congress to outlaw flag desecration.

Neither amendment has a chance of passage. Neither amendment responds to any pressing need.

Consideration of both was undertaken by Republican leaders with just one goal: push the buttons of a disgruntled conservative base.

Those utterly transparent panders should shame the GOP and embarrass the conservatives they are meant to rally.
OK. I could respect this display of outrage over what the editorialist perceived to be crass political grandstanding. If that was the editorialist true motive for writing this piece. We all know that was not his/her motive.

This piece is merely another directive from Tommy Denton to his writers to slam the GOP in general and President Bush in particular. If the editorial board in Roanoke was truly outraged at "utterly transparent panders" then they would have told their readers about the nearly 100 other Constitutional Amendments that have been offered in the 109th Congress. That's right, dear reader. Each session of Congress sees many Constitutional Amendments offered up, with almost all having little or no chance of passing.

For example, each year since his election in 1995, Rep. J. Jackson Jr. (D)IL, has offered such "utterly transparent panders" as Amendments that would provide a;
  • "Right to Housing." (He conveniently adds that if you can't afford it, someone else will be forced to pay for it) (H.J.Res. 33)
  • "Right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favorable conditions of work, and to protection against unemployment." (He conveniently leaves out who is to be forced to provide said employment.) (H.J. Res. 35)
A quick search at turns up more gems such a several Amendments to abolish the Electoral College, a few more that purport to guarantee a right to a home, and even a few that would abolish any residency requirements for voting in a Presidential election.

All of these are "utterly transparent panders" to the Democratic Underground and DailyKos wing of the Democratic Party, but Tommy and his crew apparently have no problem with that. Playing games with The Constitution? How about playing games with the readers of The Roanoke Times?

Wild Turkey Casserole

I've been getting quite a few questions regarding the name of this blog.

It comes from my love of cooking, and the fact that my cooking style is more like that of the Food Network chef who shares my first name than that of Emeril Lagasse. (Hint to those who have wondered how to pronounce our unusual first name...he pronounces it correctly, just watch the show.)

A few days ago, Norm made a reference to my cooking, but I assure you all, I've never cooked for Mr. Leahy. Last night, during an e-mail conversation with Waldo, the subject came up again. So I've decided to occasionally post some of my favorite recipes. The one that follows calls for wild turkey (the bird, not the bottle), but I have used it with other poultry ranging from dove breasts to pheasant. Its even quite good with plain old store bought Butterball leftovers.

Once upon a time, my hunting club (now no longer active) would have an annual banquet sometime in January after the hunting season had ended, with each member contributing something from that season's harvest. This was always a favorite at those dinners.

2 cup Wild rice
1 cup Brown rice
5 c Chicken broth
1 can Sliced water chestnuts
2 cans Chicken broth
4 tb Chopped onion
1/2 ts Chopped garlic
4 tb Grated Reggiano (or Parmesan) cheese
4 c Diced wild turkey (Combine White and Dark Meat)
1 lb Mushrooms; sliced (Morels or Shitaki if available)
1 pt Heavy cream
1 ts Butter
2 c Chopped celery
Salt; to taste
Freshly-ground black pepper;

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Combine wild rice, brown rice and 5 cups chicken broth and cook until done. Salt and pepper to taste. (I find canned chicken broth to be quite salty already, so be sure to taste before adding more. I usually use Swanson's low sodium for that reason.)

In large mixing bowl, toss rice, wild turkey and mushrooms. Add cream, butter, celery, water chestnuts, 2 cans chicken broth, onion, garlic, salt and pepper. Pour into baking dish and sprinkle with Reggiano. Bake 1 hour.

I have used this recipe with dove breasts, as well as pheasant, grouse and quail. They all turn out very good. (If using dove breast, mix in a small amount of diced white meat chicken or quail, since the dove breast is all dark meat.)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Excuse Me While I Toot This Horn

I solved the DeBoer Code!

Within the pages of "Notes From The Sausage Factory" scattered amongst the great collection of political essays from Virginia writers is a series of Virginia Political trivia questions, in a traditional transcription code, but with a twist. I received a copy of the book from Barnie (signed!) on Monday during lunch. Thursday evening found me with no cable, and thus no Internet or TV. I decided to work on the DeBoer Code. An hour or so later I had deciphered the first of the questions.

This morning at work, I worked out the next two... Or so I thought. The third one did not work out. Eureka! I had not only deciphered the code, but I apparently had a rare copy of the book with a typo. I e-mailed Barnie to let him know that I had found the typo. He immediately e-mailed me back to tell me that I was the first to solve it, and that the typos (there are more) were deliberately placed in there to make the code more difficult to solve.

Now is that not just like a typical liberal Democrat? Deliberately putting out false information in order to deceive us conservatives?

Thank you Barnie, for the compliment. And I love the book. I highly recommend it to all of you, regardless of political persuasion. You can order a copy from Bacon's

Bloggers United in Martinsville Partial List Of Speakers

Several speakers have confirmed their attendance at Bloggers United in Martinsville for free Speech blog convention August 25th and 26th. Quite a few more have conditionally accepted, to confirm when their schedule is more concrete.

A short list of confirmed speakers;
  • Attorney General Robert McDonnell
  • Barnie Day
  • Will Vehrs
  • Jeff Schapiro
  • Forrest Landon
  • Eric Helms Monday
  • Jim Hoeft
There is much more to come. I will be meeting with my Henry County team this weekend and the agenda should be firm(er) by Monday morning.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Some Intemperate Thoughts

We had a storm today in C'ville. Not Charlottesville. Not Centereville. Not even Claudeville, but Collinsville. Speaking of Claudeville, from the looks of the clouds I saw over in that direction this afternoon, my guess would be that we shared a storm.

Somehow I knew that the AEP truck sitting on the side of South Daniels Creek Road on my way from Fieldale to C'ville was not, in the words of Martha Stewart a "good thing". My spirits lifted when I opened the door to my house and found the lights actually worked. The clock on the CD player on my bookcase was blinking 12:00, and the filter pump in Shelly's tank had lost prime, so I knew power had been off but it had returned.

Then I re-fired my computer only to discover that Adelphia Cable was down. No Internet. No blog reading. No E-mail. No TV (no big deal). So I'm going to just write.

I'm a Republican. I do try to keep up with what my Democrat friends are doing, though, so I read such stuff as Brian Patton and Waldo Jaquith and that new kid from Martinsville who is now at Sorensen. Sometimes I'll even be lured over to the more rabid sites like Raising Kaine and Virginia Centrist. One thing that has interested me lately is the effect a military uniform has on Democrats.

If you wear a military uniform and follow orders and behave like a good soldier, sailor, airman, or marine, then you are engaged in a useless struggle that will only lead to more violence and destruction. All of your efforts (and injuries, and deaths) are in vain. Oh, but they support you! Don't forget that. It's just that everything you are doing is for naught. Now I'm not real sure how to reconcile those two conflicting thoughts, but I'm sure my Democrat friends could explain it to me. And if you once wore that uniform and fully back the efforts of those who still do, then you are a hopeless hawk, parroting the words of the present Commander in Chief. (Can a hawk parrot? I'm into turtles, not birds. Could an avian expert out there help me out here?) If you never wore the uniform, (like me, but it's a long story) and still support the efforts of those that do, you are a "chicken hawk". I've heard of chicken hawks all my life, but I think it's really what we call here a Red Tailed Hawk. It's quite a majestic bird, if you really want to know.

Right now, right here, in Virginia, there's one other uniform wearer type that's causing quite a stir among the Democrats. No, not John Kerry, he's already caused his stir and faded into obscurity, though he's not really aware of it yet. Here in present day Virginia we have James Webb. Mr. Webb once wore the uniform. Hell, he was way up there, Secretary of the Navy, I think, during the Reagan Administration. That was long ago, children. Waldo was not yet in high school. This new kid from Martinsville still had the same teacher all day long.

At some point in the recent past Mr. Webb decided he had political ambitions. He could have put the uniform back on and continued from where he left off and remained a Republican. He decided not to go that route, for whatever reasons, and declared his opposition to the war on terror (in Iraq, specifically) and became a Democrat. I have no problem with that. A man is not a man if he can't change his mind like a woman, hell; I do it all the time. Sometimes I love calamari; sometimes the thought of eating squid makes me queasy. I figure Mr. Webb saw the mileage Mr. Kerry got about 30 years ago from his rebellion from the military and decided to try that route into the Senate. Who knows, it might work twice, but Virginia is not Massachusetts. Neither of our current Senators is known for being a bad driver but a good swimmer. One is known for being a rather good Secretary of the Navy, though.

All of this is quite confusing, though, when you step back and look at it. The really liberal Democrat sites are completely into backing James Webb, a candidate that was very conservative, but can now come up with no real agenda except that he's against the present Commander in Chief. While all the more moderate Democrat sites are backing the candidate that most closely resembles Jack Abramhoff, the person those liberal sites most like to hate. Maybe I just explained it to myself without realizing it. The two sides of the Democrat Party have, on this one primary ticket, the perfect combination. The Anti-Republican vs The Anti-Democrat. Did somebody just say one of them is Jewish? I'm not sure why that matters, but surely it's not the red headed one?

Now We Know....

Thanks to The Roanoke Times, we now know where virgin wool comes from.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bloggers United in Martinsville for free Speech

The blogger's conference soon to be held in Martinsville is quickly coming together.

The date has been set. The conference will open at Noon on Friday, August 25, 2006 and close Saturday evening, August 26, 2006.

An impressive list of speakers has been drawn up, several of whom have already committed to attend. A tentative agenda has been put together, and is being tweaked before final release.

Watch this blog for updates as they occur. Be sure to e-mail me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling Announces Southside Tour

From the Office of the Lieutenant Governor;

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling recently announced a three-day, nine-locality tour through Southside Virginia on June 8-10, 2006. Lieutenant Governor Bolling's tour will include meetings with local officials, business leaders and Republican activists; as well as visits to schools, hospitals and businesses in the area.

"As Lieutenant Governor, I am committed to learning about the problems we face and the successes we experience in every part of Virginia. That is why I setting aside the first week of each month to visit a different part of rural Virginia," said Lieutenant Governor Bolling. "I look forward to discussing the challenges we face I important areas like education, economic development and health care with leaders in Southside Virginia."

The public events on Lieutenant Governor Bolling's tour are listed below. Additional events and details may be added in the coming days.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

7:30 AM
Hotel Virginia
321 Halifax Street
Emporia, VA

Lieutenant Governor Bolling will host a breakfast for area Republicans.

8:45 AM
Tour of Toll Integrated Systems, Inc
750 Industrial Parkway
Emporia, VA

Lieutenant Governor Bolling will be joined by local economic development officials for a tour of the facility.

10:30 AM
Community Memorial Hospital
125 Buena Vista Cir.
South Hill, VA 23970

Lieutenant Governor Bolling will tour the facility and meet with hospital administrators, physicians and members of the Board to discuss rural health care issues.

12:00 PM
Brian's Steakhouse
625 E Atlantic St
South Hill, VA

Lieutenant Governor Bolling will host a lunch for area Republicans.

1:15 PM
Lake Country Advanced Knowledge Center
118 E Danville Rd
South Hill, VA

Lieutenant Governor Bolling will tour the facility and discuss education with administrators and students.

2:30 PM
Red Oak E-Commerce Solutions
134 Commerce Drive
Clarksville, VA

3:00 PM
Home Care Delivered, Inc.
Clarksville, VA

Lieutenant Governor Bolling will tour local businesses in Clarksville.

4:00 PM
Annin & Co.
Halifax County Industrial Park
South Boston, VA

Lieutenant Governor Bolling will tour the facility and industrial park with local officials.

5:30 PM
Lodge Restaurant
3102 Halifax Road
South Boston, VA

Lieutenant Governor Bolling will host a dinner for area Republicans.

Friday, June 9

7:30 AM

Mary's Diner
1203 Piney Forest Rd.
Danville, VA

Lieutenant Governor Bolling will host a breakfast for local Republican activists.

9:00 AM
Tour Institute for Advanced Learning and Research
150 Slayton Avenue
Danville, VA

Lieutenant Governor Bolling will tour the Institute and meet with administrators, local business leaders and members of the Chamber of Commerce to discuss education and economic development.

12:00 PM
Dutch Inn
2360 Virginia Ave
Collinsville, VA

(I'll be atttending this one)
Lieutenant Governor Bolling will host a lunch for area Republicans.

Virginia Museum of Natural History
1001 Douglas Avenue
Martinsville, VA

Lieutenant Governor Bolling will tour the Museum and meet with local business leaders and members of the Chamber of Commerce to discuss education and economic development.

4:00 PM
Franklin County Workforce Consortium
70 Wray St.
Rocky Mount, VA

Lieutenant Governor Bolling will tour the facility and discuss economic development with local business owners.

5:00 PM
Olde Virginia BBQ
35 Meadow View Avenue
Rocky Mount, VA

(If I can't make lunch at Dutch Inn, I'll have dinner here)
Lieutenant Governor Bolling will host a dinner for area Republicans.

Saturday, June 10

10:00 AM
Tunstall High School
100 Trojan Circle
Dry Fork, VA 24549

Lieutenant Governor Bolling will deliver the commencement address to the graduating class at Tunstall High School in Pittsylvania County.

12:00 PM
Gold Cup Races
Virginia International Raceway
Alton, VA

Lieutenant Governor Bolling will attend the historic Gold Cup races and tour the facility.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Fun With Rick And Jerry

Those of you in the northern and eastern ends of the Commonwealth have no idea just how much fun it can be to live or work in an area represented by Rick Boucher.

Jerry Furhman knows though, and he'll tell you in todays article.

It seems Rick won't stop until all the Call Centers in SWVA are connected by hiking trails. Kilo offers some proof of my theory in his first article today.

RPV To Bloggers "Talk To The Hand..."

Several bloggers have commented on the general lack of enthusiasm the Republican Party of Virginia has for blogs and bloggers. See Commonwealth Conservative, Too Conservative, and Not Larry Sabato for examples.

Today, the Virginia Podcast station in Hampton Roads, Bearing Drift has an interview with Wayne Ozmore, Chairman of 4th Congressional District and one of the few to recognize the utility and possible importance of the conservative blogging community.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Virginia Landmark Contest XVI

No, in spite of what The Roanoke Times Editorial board would have you believe, this photo is not the aftermath of the General Assembly budget stalemate.

The location of this week's Landmark Contest does not look quite the same today, (it's been cleaned up for some time now), but I'm sure my astute readers will be able to name it without much difficulty.

Once again, apparently well traveled Tugboat Phil comes through with the correct answer.

On September 27, 1903, Engineer Joseph A. Broady left Monroe, VA driving a Southern Railway train. Ol'97, which had a reputation for always being on time, had left the Monroe station late and Broady was intent on making it into Spencer, NC on schedule.

Coming down White Oak Mountain into Danville, Broady let the engine roll for just a tad too long. Unable to slow down enough to make the curve leading onto Stillhouse Trestle across the Dan River, the train left the tracks just after going onto the trestle.

The resulting wreck killed the entire engine crew and several Railway Post Office clerks who were working in the mail car right behind the engine, eleven dead in all.

Virginia Bloggers, Meet Cindy Price

Some of you don't know Cindy Price. Some of you have heard the name, and are aware of the not very flattering photo that was the subject of a recent caption contest.

Let me introduce you to the real Cindy Price.

My Martinsville readers have the ability to read her story by Debbie Hall in the Sunday edition of the Martinsville bulletin, in it's weekly Piedmont Profiles section. The Martinsville Bulletin's website is woefully behind the technology curve, so this profile does not appear on the web based Bulletin. I want to give my outside Martinsville readers their first real look at the lady that inadvertently inspired Vehrsgate. (All information and quotes taken from the Debbie Hall story referred to above.)
"What you see is what you get" is more than just a well worn cliche when applied to Cindy Price.
The Henry County native, who attended school here and has lived here her entire life, first gained the spotlight locally last summer when she wrote and performed a song about Hurricane Katrina.
Recently, Price and guitar player Mack Davidson won a jingle contest as part of a community pride campaign.
That caught the attention of Will Vehrs, an employee of the Virginia Department of Business Assistance who, while on the job, entered a caption contest by penning satirical captions for a photograph of Price and Davidson performing the jingle. He ended up suspended from his job for 10 days and coming to the Martinsville area to meet residents--including Price--and apologize for his jabs.
But most of my readers know that already. Ms. Hall's article goes into much more detail on Cindy's life, where it's been, and where it may be headed.

Cindy has a new CD out titled "Starving Artist", her second. I haven't heard it, but I will be searching for a copy. She has been singing since early childhood performing for family and friends, as well as in church. She has always had the desire to perform, telling Ms. Hall that while singing at a young age in church, "I'd just get up there and sing my heart out", she continued, "I didn't just stand there and sing, I was swingin' my arms and movin' my felt so good."

Life hasn't always "felt so good" for Ms. Price.
One of the earliest life experiences to make an imprint on her was the death of her brother, who was hit by a dump truck and killed as he crossed U.S.58 to board a school bus.
"He was 9 years old", she said. "I was 3 at the time."
Although Price does not remember her brother or the accident, she vividly remembers the incident's impact on her mother.
"She never got over that all the days of her life", Price said. "It was like a branch or a leaf was gone from Mother's tree of life."
That was only the first tragedy to strike Ms. Price's life. At the young age of 27 Cindy Price became a widow. Her husband, Danny, lost a battle with cancer, apparently due to exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam.

To work through her grief, Cindy threw herself into working on her property in the Chestnut Knob area of Henry County, where she has built a small cabin, a pond, and some landscaped "rooms" in the woods. After much encouragement from friends Cindy finally began writing and performing again. "You gotta go through some blows in life on your way to success", she tells Ms. Hall.

Now that she has resumed her singing and writing career, she is working on her third CD. Her newest effort will include a song titled "Drunk Driver". Though not mentioned by name in the song, it was written in the days following the death of Charles White, a local businessman who was killed recently by a drunk driver as he was returning from Myrtle Beach on his motorcycle.

Friday, June 02, 2006

More On C'ville Too

I want to clear up what may be a misconception in some Virginia Blogger's minds.

My reasons for establishing C'ville Too are many. Competition or sour grapes with Sorensen is not one of them. I have my problems with the way the Sorensen Conference was organized, I also have publicly questioned their choice for Keynote Speaker. But if it had not been scheduled for Father's Day weekend, I would most likely be signed up now as an attendee. The Virginia community of blog commentators is both wide and deep. I'm sure there will be enough interesting people in Charlottesville to keep everyone from Virginia Centrist to Conaway Haskins involved in some fine conversation and debate.

A conference in Martinsville and Henry County was originally proposed by Will Vehrs. Not in an effort to get himself out of the hole he had recently dug for himself, but as a sincere effort to bring some attention to an area of the Commonwealth that is hurting right now. Will and Ben Tribbett proposed moving the Sorensen Conference to Martinsville, as did I, at a time when none of us in the Virginia blogging community knew just how far along the planning for that event was (or wasn't).

Via the comments section Will states;
Just to clarify, the idea originated completely from Not Larry Sabato. I signed on immediately because it made so much sense.
Will Vehrs | 06.02.06 - 5:47 pm
I know that a simple conference will not cure the economic problems Martinsville and Henry County are experiencing, and that is not the purpose anyway. But, stranger things have been known to happen.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Curiouser And Curiouser

It says something about the current state of the national party when the Republican Speaker of the House shares current Idiot Watch award space (look to your right, near the top of my right column) with Ward Armstrong. It says something, but what it's saying doesn't sound good to these ears.

It may be because Dennis Hastert has now served longer in that post than any Republican since fellow Illinoisian "Uncle Joe" Cannon lost the position in 1911.

Virginia's House Republicans seem to have realized what got them there and finally stuck by their principles during the current unpleasantness with the Senate and Governor. Let's get their national brethren back on track.

There Was No Hurricane Today

Really, it's apparently true. Go here to read the UPI story.

Perfect For A Racehorse, OK For A Wine, Won't Cut It For A Fine Whiskey

Kilo is two years old today. (The blog, not the man.)
Go by and and wish him well on this anniversary.

Sure Sounds Indignant To Me

Boy, someone up on Campbell Ave. sure is in high dudgeon today.

Today's editorial "Transportation as a test of honor" would have you believe the House Republicans have been stubborn just for the sake of stubbornness, and dishonest because, well it's in their Republican genes.
Politicians committed to diplomacy, dialogue and discretion would have agreed upon a comprehensive transportation solution months ago. Such civic virtue, however, has been in short supply in Richmond, particularly among House Republicans more interested in political gamesmanship and denying the new governor any semblance of victory.

Now, those same delegates who blindly followed partisan leaders to stymie a long-term transportation solution have promised to work with the Senate. Virginians should hold them to it.

The Senate capitulated to House budget demands and gave up its leverage in the fight to do something sensible about transportation.

Without the threat of a government shutdown and the ensuing political fallout, only honor will compel House Republicans to hash out a comprehensive, long-term transportation plan.

House Speaker William Howell, Majority Leader Morgan Griffith and their loyal followers won their political game. If they now betray their promise, future transportation remediation becomes far less likely. Not only will they have squandered an environment of temporary financial security, but they also will have ensconced distrust and duplicity in the capitol.
Once again, the citizens of SWVA, who should be receiving honest news from their largest newspaper, are receiving instead only partial truths and slanted statements.

Of course, I know an editorial is typically biased, to the left or to the right, depending upon the proclivities of it's board. But this editorial makes more than one thinly veiled accusation regarding a lack of honesty and honor on the part of House Republicans.

In order to be completely truthful, the editorial should have at least one mention of the fact that House Speaker William Howell has refused to capitulate to the Senate and the Governor's demands on Constitutional terms.

I'll go into further detail regarding those Constitutional issues in a later post.

While you're waiting for my next post on this subject, go here and read Jerry's take on this editorial.