Friday, February 15, 2008

VA GOP Caucus Blog Ruffles Some Feathers

There's a new blog on the block, and some Virginia bloggers are slightly discomfited by it.

Yes, once again Virginia's blogging ethics police are on the prowl. It seems that Waldo gets his undies in a wad whenever his own ethical lapses are on display, so it may be time to refresh some memories. Some time back I visited this issue, check out this article and all its attendant links and then come back here, I'll wait.

Waldo's latest problem seems to be with the VA GOP Caucus Blog. It's a perfectly partisan blog created and maintained by a writer (or writers) on behalf of the House Republican Caucus, somewhat in the manner of its counterpart on the left, Assembly Access.

His problem? He seems to think that since Republicans object to the added expense, time, and overall inefficiency involved in broadcasting all sub-committee meetings they should not broadcast any video on their blog. Or only floor video. Or only Democrat friendly video. Or something. Other than that, there is very little difference in the blogs operated by each Caucus.

There also seems to be a problem with some on the left (and in Waldo's family) with the unsigned nature of the blog's posts. No mention is made, however, of the fact that AA is also an anonymous blog.

J. Kenny also weighs in with a few suggestions. J apparently thinks that those who use Blogspot have no way of tracking comments by IP address. Guess what? I use Blogspot and I can easily track comments by IP. Sorry J, WordPress and a hosting service is not the only legitimate blogging platform available, especially to those who do not wish to sink real dollars into a simple blog. We are conservative, after all.

J also suggests that the VA GOP Caucus Blog include a blogroll. Guess what? It does. As a matter of fact, this blog proudly occupies a slot on that blogroll. I'm just above Not Larry Sabato.

Waldo is the creator of Richmond Sunlight, a very useful website that takes most of the information available on the General Assembly's website and re-formats it into a more user friendly, more colorful and generally better platform. If there is anyone in Virginia more capable of setting up a site to showcase all General Assembly video, I don't know who it would be.

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