Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Interview With Gov. Gilmore, Film At Eleven

Not really. Film at eleven I mean. I did just finish an interview with Governor Gilmore. I'll have the video up here when the processing is finished. Tomorrow, perhaps. Thursday at the latest.

It was a good and cordial meeting with the former Governor of Virginia, a man I have met on several occasions now and I've come away from each meeting with an even greater admiration for the guy. Jim Gilmore has a great message for the citizen of Virginia, but he also has an uphill battle in his efforts to dislodge the myths surrounding Gov. Warner.

His honesty and trustworthiness is refreshing, coming from a political animal. I firmly believe that if Jim Gilmore says he's going to do something, then that something will get done. One way or another.

Watch this space for the interview.

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