Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blogrolling Is Pretty Much Dead

For more than two years now the membership of the ODBA has enjoyed a centrally updated blogroll on their individual sites. It was easy, a single line of code in your template and your ODBA blogroll was always up to date. It even notified our readers when a new post was published by our members, when that feature actually worked, which it seldom did.

I'm a patient guy, so when Blogrolling went belly-up a few months ago I was not too disturbed. I'm through being patient.

I'll no longer click on the site just to read the same lame explanations for their deadness. I'm now recommending all ODBA members use the following widget in place of the ODBA blogroll. Your JavaScript still works, it just will no longer be updated when a new blog such as CrystalClearConservative comes on board.

When I created the ODBA widget I also created one for our friends at the Jeffersoniad. I hope you guys will use and enjoy it.

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