Sunday, August 27, 2006

The conference...

I just got home. It's 1:10am, I am beat, but proud of my team that helped me put this together.

Mary Rives and Will, you two are wonderful. You know just when to lighten things up, just when to make it serious, and just when to have fun. I love you both.

Barnie. I must say that you are the consummate emcee. You kept the ball rolling during all the events, even though you did not feel up to it Friday evening, your performance Saturday more than made up for it. Once again you have shown me why I believe you are our area's premier statesman. Henry and Patrick Counties are richer for your presence. I look forward to our next lunch together. (When can we go fishing?)

Anne. What can I say? You are my rock. We fit together well, and I am pleased to be considered your friend. Without you this could never have happened.

To all of you I have more to say, but I would prefer to wait until we are face to face. Believe me, I owe you all very much.

To the attendees of the first annual Blogs United in Martinsville conference, I sincerely thank you all. Along with my dear friends mentioned above, you made this all possible.

I'm going to bed now, but sometime soon I will properly thank you all.

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