Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"That Was Pretty Stupid Of Me", Al Weed

Al Weed admits planning the Lunch for Letters Contest I referred to in a previous post. In todays Martinsville Bulletin, when asked about the Lunch for Letters Contest which he has until now denied the existence of, Al Weed finally admitted Day's assertion was correct;
Weed said he asked Day to be part of the prize in the contest because Day is known for his entertaining writing style. The former delegate, he said, was not enthusiastic about the proposal.

"His response was not very positive," Weed said.

Weed said that after talking with others about the plan, he scrapped the idea.

He said his campaign comes up with many ideas and not all of them are used. When asked if he regrets making the proposal, he said he regrets not knowing that Day, who is "supposedly a Democrat," supports Goode.

"That was pretty stupid of me," said Weed, a Democrat.

In a press release dated noon today, after quoting the Goode release that broke the news of the Letters for Lunch Contest, Weed said;
"It's time to be upfront and honest with the voters. They deserve to see the candidates side by side. They deserve to hear our ideas and vision for the future. To rob them of that is wrong."
Weed's remark about Barnie Day supporting Virgil Goode can only be assumed to be a snarky, smart ass remark. While I, like everyone in this end of the 5th, know that Barnie and Virgil are longtime friends, no one believes that Barnie Day is officially supporting Virgil in the 5th District. I will, however, fully endorse Mr. Weed's estimation of his own relative intelligence.

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