Saturday, January 05, 2008

All Quiet On The Western Front

I haven't written much lately. Sometimes writing is difficult, other times it's as simple as sitting at a keyboard and sweating blood until each word is right. I read a phrase something like that somewhere once, it stuck. And it's true. I don't remember who said it, though.

I'm still working on the re-write of my Jenny Wiley story. I have many political commentaries in draft mode. The blood pours, but all the words are not right yet.

A few days ago I promised to finish the payday lending series, it's coming along nicely and may be finished later today.

Oh. And I'm still working on that commencement speech that no school will ever invite me to give. But if they do, it'll be ready.

I appreciate my loyal readers and suggest you go visit someone to whom writing seems to come easy. My friend Billy Jack has a couple of new articles that will make you think.

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