Wednesday, January 16, 2008

TreeHuggers ARGH!! (Guest Post)

Some of you may be aware of a little discussion forum that badrose and I maintain at If not I would like to invite anyone to drop in on the conversation anytime.

One of our regular visitors is a local expatriate now living in the DC area who goes by the username, Likudnic. A solid conservative, Likudnic is usually good for a thought provoking post. Yesterday was no exception.

I liked Likudnic's recent commentary enough that I felt compelled to publish it here, with permission of course.

TreeHuggers ARGH!!
I was standing in line at the bank today to get a loan so I could run by the store and get a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs, fuming about the tree hugging, eco-terrorists and milquetoast politicians that let them run this country's energy policies.

Energy prices rose by 18.4 percent last year, causing, among other things milk to jump up 11%, and eggs 29%. Rail cars are lined up with corn (at $4+ a bushel) so that we can make more ethanol. Of course, the oil hating environmentalists don't take into account that all the increased fertilizer and pesticides have to run-off somewhere. Like our lakes and rivers. Core inflation, excluding energy and food, is up by only 0.2%.

OPEC can charge $100 or a million dollars for a gallon of oil because the U.S. has shown that it's willing to pay anything to keep from having to actually use the incredible amount of natural resources we are sitting on.

Now, Congress' new CAFE standards which ups fuel mileage from 25mpg to 35mpg, is costing automakers some $85bil, which in turn will add an extra few thousand onto the price of a new car. Hello! You liberal Idiots! Has it occurred to you that better fuel efficiency will also mean people will be driving more!? You're forgetting your global warming extremism, here.

The icing on the cake is when I read today that Syria-Sympathizer Pelosi has replaced the food in the Capitol cafeteria, vending machines, etc. to gourmet selections as part of here "greening" of the Capitol. Of course, two small wedges of brie and cheddar, six grapes, two saltines and one strawberry will take you for $5.00. But suck it up. It's good for you because the Dominatrix says so.

So, to sum up my rant, in the short year that the liberals have been in control of the House, the price of gas, food and cars has jumped. The housing market is down. AND toxins in our rivers and lakes has increased.
Thank you Likudnic, for filling some space here while I'm under the weather.

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