Monday, May 12, 2008

SWVA Bloggers Sued By Developer

Over in Christiansburg there is a development called Oak Tree Townhomes. I see their ads on local television every day, from the ads one gets the impression that Oak Tree is a great neighborhood. And it may very well be. I don't live there, I don't go there, and I know no one who does.

A couple of ladies in Christiansburg do know, though. They operate a blog called "Think, Christiansburg!", a blog dedicated to happenings in and around Christiansburg.

It seems Roger Woody, the developer of Oak Tree, has left a bit to be desired in his efforts to create a nice community. Primarily in the storage of construction debris and fill dirt. Think, Christiansburg! recently took note of the development and has been hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Come on Roger, ease up. If you don't like the publicity you're getting, talk to the community. Make an effort to improve your relationship with the community you built. Don't unleash a couple of highly paid attorneys to silence your detractors with threats of a lawsuit that will benefit no one.

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