Thursday, May 08, 2008

Taxes, Marshall, Gilmore and Vetos, Oh My!

Remember Del. Bob Marshall? He's the guy running against former Governor Jim Gilmore for the Republican nomination for Senate candidate later this month. He's also the guy who told me on the phone that one of the biggest reasons I should vote for him at the Republican Convention is that he's the guy who filed the lawsuit to overturn the Regional Taxing Authorities recently set up by the General Assembly and approved by Governor Kaine.

Well, my friend, (and fellow ODBA member), Chris Green, the proprietor of Spank That Donkey has done a bit of research on regional taxing authorities. One of the things his research has turned up was quite surprising. Be sure to check in with him and see what he's got. I promise you'll love it, (unless you're a supporter of Del. Bob Marshall for Senate or a supporter of regional taxing authorities).

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