Friday, November 02, 2007

Would Roscoe Deliberately Mislead? Or Is He Completely Clueless?

I've posted this letter before, but in light of Roscoe Reynolds recent statements here in the Martinsville Bulletin and other local media, I feel the need to let his constituents know once again how he really feels about them. Read the letter on the left (click to see it full size) and see that he thinks that we here in the 20th Senate District are too stupid to know when he's being disingenuous.

Surely Roscoe did not truly think that I would believe him when he says that Supreme Court decisions do not apply to Virginia. If he is this disingenuous in a letter to a constituent, how can we believe anything he says to our local media?

It's really quite simple. We can't believe him. This letter is proof that Roscoe will tell the "locals" whatever he thinks they will fall for. Or, perhaps even worse, Reynolds truly does not know that Supreme Court decisions have far reaching implications. Either way, it calls for the end of Reynolds' service as our Senator.

You will notice that Mr. Reynolds references a document by Frank Munyan in his letter. I'm not an attorney, but Mr. Munyan is. A simple reading of Mr. Munyan's legal opinion shows that the Supreme Court decision does, indeed, apply to Virginia. The document is titled "Economic Development as a Public Use: Kelo v. City of New London", and can be downloaded here [link]. (Link is a PDF file.)

Well Roscoe, I for one, ain't falling for it anymore. From now on, whether you are talking about electrical regulation, eminent domain, transportation compromises, or even chicken fighting, I'll do my own research and find the truth for myself. And I'll shout from the rooftops my suggestion that others in the 20th District do so as well. Thank you.

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