Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Disgruntled Republican

Readers of the comment section a couple of posts back will remember a "Disgruntled Republican" demanding accountability for the past election. He (or she) is demanding that everyone from the 20th District committees be expunged from the party, drawn and quartered, or simply tarred and feathered and ridden out of town.

Now, that might solve a problem or two, but it does nothing to resolve the larger issue.

All across the state many, but not all, local committees are weak on active membership, and have a hard time recruiting committed volunteers for candidates. Campaigns have had to adjust for that, often forming teams comprised of volunteers from several campaigns to work on behalf of each other. See Chris' excellent article about how the Cuccinelli campaign did just that. [Link]

In a similar effort the Evans, Marshall, Merricks, and Poindexter campaigns combined forces in this area. Here in Henry County we are fortunate to have a solid core of committed members, but it's not enough. Many of those will only work to put up signs, for example, some others refuse to make phone calls, and even more say, "wait until it's closer to the election and I'll do something." I'm not complaining about those members, nor do I think that the local chair is responsible for any lack of workers. I certainly appreciate them all, I just wish there were more of them.

Which brings me back to "Disgruntled Republican" and his demands for accountability. DR, you are a big part of the problem. Get out to your next committee meeting, become a voting member, work to find more people just as disgruntled and disappointed as you are and get them to work organizing the local party.

One of the hardest workers the Evans campaign had was (still is?) a member of the Democratic Party. He is now asking me about joining the local Republican committee. I welcome him on board. It's young, energetic, committed people like him that this party desperately needs. DR, your mission is to go out and find more like him, bring them and yourself to the committee meeting, and begin becoming less disgruntled and more committed. Stop looking for someone else to blame and accept the responsibility that is yours.

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