Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Two More For The 5th

I've been busy lately getting back into real-life from the campaign. I'm slowly getting there, though. Maybe that explains some of the lack of content here lately, but there are other things as well. I'm a world class procrastinator, and I've been working on-and-off at a few projects I've neglected for way too long.

One project I've been working on is re-writing and tidying up my three part Jenny Wiley story and I hope to re-publish it here soon. I've also been reading my favorite blogs, of course, and discovering a few new ones as well.

One new blog that certainly deserves your attention is "The Legend Billy Jack", a conservative blog by a Democratic Party member. Or he used to be. Maybe he will be again if his party ever returns to what it once stood for. In his latest post Billy tells what inspired the naming of his blog, and how it roughly parallels his own experiences in a political party. His background is full of stories from the other side of the aisle that many would not believe, but I know to be the truth. Enjoy Billy Jack. My favorite so far is his offer to the 37th Senate District for a trade in the lineup, a great idea I think.

Another new blog was actually created way back in the summer, but due to the campaign its contributors had little time for blogging. Yes, I said contributors, as in plural. Morning in Virginia promises to provide insightful commentary, political analysis, and possibly even a bit of gossip from a Southside and SWVA perspective.

Now the 5th District has two more conservative blogs to offset all of that leftist rhetoric blowing out of Charlottesville.

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