Thursday, April 26, 2007

2003 Senate Election Results In 20th District

I want to remind Roscoe Reynolds of his win in 2003. Roscoe won the 2003 Senate election in the 20th District with 67% of the vote. Not bad, until you consider his opponent didn't even rise to the level of Bag of Leaves.

Tom "Bag of Leaves" Peterson lied his way into the Republican nomination, then he lost Republican Party support and dropped completely out of the race when it was discovered he had covered up a DUI conviction, a bankruptcy, a couple of alleged sexual harassment incidents, and the fact that he was more than $10,000 behind in his child support payments. Oh, and there was that thing about seeing phantom images in his windshield.

Yeah, that's the kind of guy Roscoe spent $192,862 to beat. Even though his extremely weak (I've been working on understatements, how am I doing?) opponent dropped out of the race in early September, Roscoe was still defeated in 16% of Floyd County's precincts. 16% of Grayson County's precincts also preferred the flawed candidate over Reynolds. In Carroll County 26% of precincts rejected Roscoe, while in Wythe County a whopping 54% of the precincts chose the non-existent candidate over Reynolds, the incumbent.

Roscoe Reynolds has a real live opponent this time. One that is not flawed like Mr Peterson was. An opponent who spends every available moment visiting areas of the 20th District meeting constituents and introducing himself. A candidate that has shown his fiscal conservatism during his tenure on the Carroll County Board of Supervisors. A man of the people, who has promised to be available during the entire year, not just every four years or whenever there is a ribbon to be cut.

Jeff Evans will not have a law practice to maintain. As a retired State Trooper he is used to working long hours and working closely with the people in his community. In addition to a permanent office in Hillsville, Jeff has promised to maintain small satellite offices in Martinsville or Collinsville, Stuart in Patrick County, and Wytheville in Wythe County where he will be available on a regular schedule.

Is it any wonder that Tim Kaine's Moving Virginia Leftward Forward PAC is so concerned about Roscoe's performance this time around that they just dumped $20,000 bucks into his campaign? Is it any wonder that the Senate Democratic Caucus has hired a Texas opposition research firm this early in the campaign?

Roscoe is not very well liked in the 20th District, the people in the 20th District deserve a Senator that will communicate effectively with them. Roscoe has shown that he will not.

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