Sunday, April 22, 2007

Open Post...Unleash Your Progressive Thoughts

Use the comment section to describe a new, tougher gun law that would have prevented any of the school shootings in our country's history. Or. for that matter, any shooting involving victims in a "gun free zone", whether it be a school, airport, government building, courthouse, store or restaurant.

Use your liberal imagination. Unleash your progressive thoughts. We are all anxious to hear your ideas.

Just remember that we do have a Constitution, unless your suggestion is to amend portions of it. If that is your suggestion I require a valid, in depth argument for doing so. One that would persuade a sufficient number of citizens to go along with such an amendment. Facts matter, feelings and emotion won't cut it.

Haloscan and IE are not friends. I will still get your comment, but it will not post immediately. I do NOT moderate comments, but keep them somewhat family friendly. My family, friends, church members, and co-workers do read this blog.

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