Sunday, January 15, 2006

Virginia Landmark Contest

In the spirit of Chad's Weekly Caption Contest (BTW, where is it this week, Chad?), let's take a weekly journey through The Old Dominion.

This week's photo (click on photo to enlarge) should be a familiar landmark to Virginians who live south and west of Richmond.

Comments are open, the first correct answer earns 100 points, which combined with $3.95 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Congratulations to Kilo, for giving the correct location, and Al, for adding the name. 50 points to each of you. And 100 points to Chad for depriving Will Vehrs of an excuse for another non-productive a Friday afternoon...

It's just been pointed out to me that I neglected to name the location in the photo. Travelers along I77 or US52 just south of Wytheville may have noticed the rock tower on the banks of the New River. Located near the site of Jackson's Ferry, Thomas Jackson built and maintained his shot tower for the production of ammunition. Conveniently located near the Austinville lead mines and the afore mentioned ferry, Mr. Jackson continued in business here until his death in 1824. Production continued sporadically up until the Civil War.

Next week, I'll have to dig deeper and come up with one not quite so easily discerned.

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