Monday, January 30, 2006

Virginia Landmark Contest...Late

This week we will travel outside my SWVA...

I'm sorry, but I know nothing of the history of this interesting building. If you look closely at the full size image you will know almost as much as I do. It is now a barber shop. But do you know where it is?

I assume it was originally a retail establishment, with possibly the owner's residence located upstairs. The image I have in mind is of Dobie Gillis' parent's grocery store, but that may date me somewhat. Actually, I have no idea of the type of business it was.

Any local resident who can fill me in on the details of this place, please do so.

Hint #1;
The town in which this building is located is on US460, somewhere between Farmville and Fort Pickett.

UPDATE: Once again, the namesake of former Governor Dalton has correctly identified the Landmark. The A.B. Nicholas building is now home to First Impressions Barber Shop in Crewe.

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