Monday, June 26, 2006

What Lowell Does Not Tell You About Jacqui Newman

From the March 2006 issue of the College Republican Federation of Virginia newsletter, in entirety;(emphasis added)
Jacqui Newman learned about CRFV this summer through her on-line Facebook club, "Virginians for Jerry Kilgore" . Newman is a first-generation American, whose family remembers living under Fidel Castro's regime. Her aunt was even put in jail for political reasons. Newman said "From a very young age I learned republican values, even on international issues." Jacqui is a Freshmen Political Science major at the University of Mary Washington. Newman's enthusiasm obtained the appointment of Statewide Political Director. She declares that she is "realistic," and looks forward to seeing the Republican Party take a stronger stand to protect the unborn and national safety.
I don't know where Lowell got this quote;
Her aunt in Florida called to recruit her to volunteer for President Bush, 'because we didn't want communists to take over the country,' Jacqui remembers.
Lowell does not reveal his source. If it's from the now removed XuQa account he should have made an archive of it before posting it. Or at least remove it now that it's no longer verifiable. That he has done neither shows him to be both lazy, (for not securing his source) and irresponsible (for maintaining a non-verifiable source). The quote above could logically be attributable to Ms. Newman's aunt in Florida, but since Lowell was too lazy, or too quick to sieze on an opportunity to smear a young Republican, and he did not save it in context, we can never know.
I now know the information came from an e-mail from Republican Party of Virginia, Lowell's mention of it having missed my attention. I recieved the e-mail yesterday as well, but only opened it today. It still does not make clear who the quote originated from. I get e-mails of this sort all the time, but so far none has sent me scurrying off to Google.

The Irony of this is shown by Lowell's immediate jump to defend the honor of "Dan" when Air America's Randi Rhodes irresponsibly blasted his post on Cindy Sheehan. It seems Dan had posted a perfectly reasonable article on Ms. Sheehan, only to hear it blasted by an obviously mistaken Liberal Talk Radio Ego.

Lowell has just as irresponsibly blasted a dedicated young republican, with no proof extant, and just like Randi Rhodes I suspect he will not re-visit the episode.

The even more reprehensible aspect of all of this is this question. The newsletter is over two months old. Who went to the trouble of googling this young lady, just in hopes of finding some "dirt" to throw at her? Lowell, I certainly hope you have more to occupy your time than that, please tell me it was someone else. I won't even ask who, just tell me you, personally, are above that.

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