Friday, June 09, 2006

Excuse Me While I Toot This Horn

I solved the DeBoer Code!

Within the pages of "Notes From The Sausage Factory" scattered amongst the great collection of political essays from Virginia writers is a series of Virginia Political trivia questions, in a traditional transcription code, but with a twist. I received a copy of the book from Barnie (signed!) on Monday during lunch. Thursday evening found me with no cable, and thus no Internet or TV. I decided to work on the DeBoer Code. An hour or so later I had deciphered the first of the questions.

This morning at work, I worked out the next two... Or so I thought. The third one did not work out. Eureka! I had not only deciphered the code, but I apparently had a rare copy of the book with a typo. I e-mailed Barnie to let him know that I had found the typo. He immediately e-mailed me back to tell me that I was the first to solve it, and that the typos (there are more) were deliberately placed in there to make the code more difficult to solve.

Now is that not just like a typical liberal Democrat? Deliberately putting out false information in order to deceive us conservatives?

Thank you Barnie, for the compliment. And I love the book. I highly recommend it to all of you, regardless of political persuasion. You can order a copy from Bacon's

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