Tuesday, June 20, 2006

VBC With A Twist

First, let me apologize for the delay in the release of the Virginia Blog Carnival. Just as we were settling in to begin the enjoyable process of compiling a good carnival, something came up that required my complete attention. I am pleased to report that all is well, the difficulty being resolved by mid-morning today (Monday).

Oh, you noticed that "we" up there in the previous paragraph? Yes, as the headline says, it's a carnival with a twist. For the first time ever, you have Co-Hosts for the Virginia Blog Carnival.

Let me introduce my Co-Host, You will come to know her as Badrose, but her name is not Rose. I'll have to let her explain the meaning of the "nom de plume". She is also one of the energetic ladies working with me on the Blogs United conference in August. She is a genuine SWVA belle, being from the great town of Richlands, though she came to Martinsville via Richmond, Hanover and Goochland. Her new blog promises to be similar in flavor to CathouseChat, a delightfully diverse blend of life and politics. I can tell you now though, she is not to be trifled with, she has Newt on speed dial and she knows how to wire can light fixtures.
Yes, I have successfully wired one can light (thanks to you) and plan to wire the 27 others sometime between now and the day I die.

I guess we were brought together by Will Vehrs - more lemonade from the lemons. I was most impressed and touched by the responses of Alton, Barnie, Waldo and numerous others who felt as I did after hearing about the Bulletin's attack on him, "They've got the wrong guy!" I jumped at the chance to meet Will in person and then jumped again at the opportunity to help organize the Blogs United in Martinsville for Free-Speech. Now I find myself jumping yet again to co-host a blog carnival. I just made my first (successful) hyperlink yesterday! Where I jump next is anyone's guess....

Anyway - I'm glad to be here - in Martinsville and on imnotemeril's site.
This week there were not a lot of submissions to the Carnival, I suppose because of the "burn out" so many Virginia bloggers probably experienced after attending the Sorensen Institute's Blog Conference. But what we got is quality. Good stuff. Let's get to it.

Where should we start? Let's check out Kilo as he ponders Father's Day. I know what he is talking about in this post, I could have written it myself, but probably not quite as well.
Oh, hell. Yesterday was Father's Day, wasn't it? Sorry, dad, I was working on my blog site...I'll explain a blog to you later, although it won't matter because you're still confused by the mouse....
Here's a link to Kilo's Father's Day tribute.

Those Democrat types just held an election and nobody came. Well, nobody was accompanied by a few, but it can hardly be called a turnout. Let's call it a trickleout. I suppose it can be blamed on the fact that the last time there was a Democratic primary my hair was a reddish brown, and actually came down into my eyes, that ain't never going to happen again. But Doug Mataconis insists on analyzing why the turnout was so low for this one. Let's humor him and go read his analysis. What do you think about the low turnout Badrose?
Voter apathy, beautiful weather, Republicans telling them the primary was Wednesday.... Take your pick.
Below The Beltway.

I said earlier that the sparse submissions to this Carnival could possibly be blamed on the recent conference. But the ODBA's nod to diversity has come through with a post about her experiences at her first blog conference. Don't worry, RC, by the time you've finished with the one in Martinsville, I assure you the stars will be out of your eyes. I ain't nearly as pretty as Waldo, but I'll try to be just as good a host.
I loved the female (or is it feline?) perspective on the Charlottesville conference - I'm even more depressed that I didn't go!
Romeocat's link.

We have another Father's Day tribute, this time from Vivian Paige from Norfolk, not VA Beach. (Nanny nany na na, Romeocat. I got it right the first time.) This one is so moving that I considered saving it for last. Just so your eyes would not be misty for the next one.
I think I'll copy it and mail it to my dad....
Vivian's Link.
I'm not sure if I even support heterosexual marriage anymore but here's more food for thought on the issue of gay marriage from our northern friends: (Yourenotemeril, between us we have five marriages and five divorces, what do you think about marriage?)
I love being married. Unfortunately my ex wives did not feel quite the same way. (Looks left and right) is this a proposal? Via E-mail? Should I be on my knees? Should you?
If I married you I'd hafta kill you. But don't worry, you'd already be wishing you were dead before I even put the Drain-O in your Mint Julep....
Seriously, I do not believe the institution of marriage should be monkeyed with, but personally I have some problems with the current proposal to amend the Virginia Constitution. That said, let's consider what Sophrosyne has to say in this article.

NOVATownHall Link
Is "world-renounded" a word? This next one left me divided: Half of me hoped he was writing "tongue in cheek" the other half hoped he wasn't. I just know I'm deeply thankful to Dr. Steven Hawking for planting the seed in my pea-brain that when you find yourself in a place where you are incapable of any physical movement, that's the time you travel deep into your own mind. Explore it and see how deep you can go. I follow his advice every year when I have to see the gynecologist....
I always enjoy imagining that I can comprehend what Dr. Hawking is talking about,

Roci's Link

Now we come to the last contribution. From Chris at "Spank that Donkey". No, Donkey is not a typo. He really means Donkey. Chris sometimes tries to slip more than one entry into the carnival. This time I caught him. His first entry was a simple little audio post that I refuse to allow into the dignified confines of the conference. But he soon redeemed himself and contributed a proper post. In the post he managed to get past the post censors here at VBC central, he explores what was a major campaign issue during the last Governor's race. Can anyone say I told you so?
The idea of Bill Bolling running against Tim Kaine was intriguing. Maybe someone should've suggested it sooner. I watched Bolling come up through the ranks in Hanover and I won't be surprised to see him be our next Governor.

Spank That Donkey Link

I left out Bob Gibson, of the Daily Progress. Sorry Bob.

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