Sunday, February 25, 2007

Class Clown Now Holds Leadership Position

I'm sure you know by now that Ward Armstrong has finally won his long fought battle for the leadership position in the Virginia Democratic Party. It's been known for some time now that Ward was working very hard to attain his new position. Ben has had several stories about it in the past few months alone.

The Roanoke Times today quotes Ward;
"The parties are kind of like flying buttresses on a building," Armstrong said. "The building falls down unless we press hard against one another, and that's what I'm to do on the floor, to press very hard and provide an alternative to their [Republican] proposals."

Armstrong said his new duties will require personal and professional sacrifices that, among other things, will affect his Henry County law practice.

"It is going to be a sacrifice from a professional standpoint, but I don't go into this with my eyes closed," he said. "That was certainly something we discussed but I pledged to do what is necessary to put this caucus first."

Thanks for clearing that up for us Ward. Somehow we here in the 10th district always suspected that something else came first on your list of priorities, now we finally get to hear you say it.

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