Friday, February 16, 2007

They Finally Have Their Chance, But They Politely Decline

It never ceases to amaze me, that thing we call the liberal mind. It is quite comfortable living in a world of paradoxes. It can't stand the idea of ultimate punishment for a worthless criminal, yet it clings quite happily to the belief that it's perfectly OK to poke a baby in the head with a pair of sharp scissors, as long as that baby hasn't taken a breath yet.

But I seldom discuss abortion here, so let's move along folks. There's nothing to see.

What currently holds my fascination is the position liberal Democrats find themselves in now. After years of itching for and trying to gather momentum for a fight against fundamental religion, they finally have their chance. Hell, I'll even join them in that fight, if they would only take it up honestly. But that seems very unlikely.

Democrats want to pick their adversaries in this fight against fundamental religion. They still condemn, in the strongest of terms, fundamentalists like James Kennedy, Pat Robertson, and that real whackjob from Kansas, Fred Phelps. What they fail to realize, or at least fail to acknowledge, is that most Christians join them in much of their criticism of these guys.

Now, adherents of fundamental Islam are regularly threatening America and the Democrat Party is offering apologies for them. "They don't represent the true Muslim world" they say. Well, would someone please let the "true Muslim world" know that we need to hear from them? It would be nice if CAIR, which claims to represent the "true Muslim world" in America, would chastise those who give them a bad image. Unless CAIR agrees with those radicals, their consistent refusal to denounce terrorism does nothing to help the "true Muslim world". If it exists at all other than in a liberal Democrat mind.

Liberals finally have a chance to fight radical fundamentalism, but the problem is, it would put them on the same side of the fight as America.

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