Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obama Didn't Invite Martinsville's Media To His Party

No, I'm sorry, that's a misleading headline. I should have said that Obama didn't invite the one media outlet here that THINKS it's "Martinsville's media" to the party.

The Martinsville Bulletin will be there, as will Charles Roarke's TV Station 18. I assume cable outlet 21 will be there, I know Fox News Radio, 900AM will be there as will B99FM radio. In short, all of Martinsville's media, (without the scare quotes).

Why is Bill Wyatt's media empire excluded? Well, it could be because his on air "talent" on Monday evening disclosed the "secret location" on air, in violation of the embargo. Or it could be that Bill's almost daily rant at his own listeners who dare not to acknowledge his obviously superior intellect and objectivity has completely destroyed any credibility still left unsquandered by Bob Lawson, the aforementioned "talent".

Or it could simply be that Bill's ego got in the way. This morning on Bill's "Coffee Break" show he spent most of the first half-hour complaining that he was not invited. "I'm the media here in Martinsville", he said, "why would they not come to me and ask for coverage?"

Well Bill, I happen to know why Roarke and Fox News will be there and you will not. Rather than sitting in the studio waiting to be asked, they each went to the Obama Headquarters and applied for press credentials.

Even pretty girls are sometimes not asked to go to the prom, until they make it known that they actually want to go. Sometimes they find that sitting at home with their hair in curlers, pride intact but their ego shattered, is not such a fun way to spend the evening.

It seems Bill finally shucked the fuzzy slippers and bathrobe, dressed himself up for the prom, and went stag. He is broadcasting audio only, no video.

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