Saturday, August 16, 2008

Patrick Henry Young Republicans Organize

Friday evening, at the Horsepature Ruritan Club, a group of young Republicans got together for their first organizational meeting. PHYR, (would that be pronounced,"fire"?), is now a provisional Young Republican Club representing the Henry and Patrick County areas. Henry County is in both the 5th and 9th Congressional Districts, while Patrick lies wholly within the 9th.

Alex Stanley and Aaron Evans have worked together over the past couple of weeks putting this group together, and as I understand it, they have seven or eight committed members already. The requirements for becoming a recognized unit under the Young Republican Federation is a minimum of ten Charter Members, plus a recommendation by either the local Republican Party Unit Chairman or the District Chairman. Aaron and Alex already have a commitment from both Unit Chairs, as well as a recommendation from Tucker Watkins, 5th District Chair. It looks like we will have an active Young Republican Club here very soon.

Thanks Alex and Aaron, for your enthusiasm and hard work. Us old guys are behind you all the way.

The Young Republican Federation of Virgina, the parent organization for each local club, is a group dedicated to the promotion of the Republican principles of personal liberty and responsibility, fiscal integrity, and a strong national defense.

In order to accomplish this objective, the YRFV establishes throughout the Commonwealth, a system of Young Republican Clubs. The YRFV then assists each club in attracting young men and women who share our commitment to these principles; educating them, encouraging their participation in the nominating and other internal processes of the Republican Party of Virginia, and organizing them into an effective force to secure the election of Republican candidates to all levels of public office.

Membership requirements for PHYR are simple. Prospective members must be a legal and qualified voter under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia who is at least eighteen (18) and not yet forty-one (41) and who is not an active member of the College Republican Federation of Virginia. Oh, and you gotta be able to shake loose ten bucks for annual dues.

If you are interested in becoming a Young Republican, use my comment section below and let me know. Your email address will remain hidden, yet I'll be able to send your contact information on to Aaron and Alex. (And in case you didn't know, Alex is a female. A very pretty young female, at that. So come on guys, join up. And young ladies, don't let Alex have all these guys for herself.)

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