Monday, July 17, 2006

Now This Is Interesting...

A while back Pitin, one of Lowell's children at Raising kaine had this to say about Ol' Joe Lieberman;
I am absolutely incensed that Senator Lieberman claims to be a Democrat while at the same time is running an Independent campaign. Many states have "sore loser" laws that prevent candidates from running as Independents if they lose the primary, unfortunately Connecticut does not.
I commented on that episode here.

Now there is a different angle going on in Vermont. Lowell, what are you and Kos telling your kids to think about the fact that Democrats in Vermont are actively working to collect signatures for an avowed Socialist, while at the same time discouraging any Democrats from running in their own primary?

Are things so bad in your party that you would rather run a Socialist in Vermont, a single issue newby in Connecticut, and a single issue Republican wannabe/usetabe in Virginia rather than real long term liberal to moderate Democrats?

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