Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why I Can Never Be A Democrat

The answer to the title question is simple. I actually think an idea through to it's logical end.

If this does not show Lowell's children over at RK to be single issue political idiots, I'll turn in my Chris Green signature model "Spank That Donkey" tee shirt.

Let's see if I can get this straight. You have an established long time incumbent Senator. A Senator that was his Party's Vice-Presidential candidate only 6 years ago. A Senator chosen to be that Vice-Presidential candidate primarily because his moderate political views somewhat balanced out the Presidential candidate's extremely liberal political stance. An incumbent Senator who was a sure win for the Democratic Party in the upcoming general election. But, this stable, electable, loyal Democratic Senator is faced with a challenger in the primary election. Remember, he is not faced with a challenger because it was feared he would be a weak candidate and thus might lose in the general election. No, he was faced with a challenger in retaliation for only one position he has stood for. A position he has maintained for over 6 years without wavering, unlike many in his Party.

Keeping all of that in mind, this Senator decides that if he fails to win the nomination he will be prepared with the requisite signatures on a petition to run as an Independent. He also is careful to state that should he prevail in the General election he will maintain the current Democrat/Republican ratio by continuing to caucus with the Democrats.

Simply because this is so surreal, allow me a short recap. This extremely electable Senator is challenged in a primary. He vows to continue to represent the people who elected him in the past, in the same manner he has always represented them.

Now take a look over at RaisingKaine. Which candidate do you suppose is being eaten alive, the long time Party loyalist or the spoiler who challenged a safe incumbent? How does one make the leap in ill-logic to proclaim the following?
However, as a life-long Democrat, I feel entitled to say to Senator Lieberman, "You are no Democrat". Real Democrats, support winners of Democratic Primaries.
Excuse me, Pitin, Mr. Lieberman was a "Real Democrat" when you were still peeing in your pants. It seems to me a "Real Democrat" would never dream of putting an electable incumbent through a Primary battle in the first place.

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