Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Virginia Blog Carnival

Welcome to The Virginia Blog Carnival, sorry for the delay, let's just say I've been somewhat busy here in Stuart and Adelphia has let me down in Collinsville.

Let's start with Chris at Spank that donkey;

www.spankthatdonkey.com/spankthatdonkey2/really long URL

Chris interviews Randy Marcus. I feel like I know Randy, we exchanged about 600 e-mails (OK, I know I've been told a billion times not to exaggerate, but it sure seemed like 600) while he was working out the Lt. Governor's schedule so he could attend the Blogs United Conference. He seems to be a good guy, I hope he will be here with LG Bolling in August. Did you notice he mentioned the conference in Chris' interview?

Next up is hr_conservative, one of a group of very good Hampton Roads bloggers;


hr_conservative gives us his interpretation of Virginia's domestic violence laws. I have to agree with him that a layman's reading of the statutes would tend to render the second paragraph of the Marshall/Newman amendment moot. But since when have you been able to count on a Judge making a "logical common sense" ruling. Sure some do, but can you count on it?

Up in Charlottesville is Bob Gibson;


Bob Gibson explains that even though we all may enjoy the plush ride of a Lexus, when you're walking even a moped looks good. Al Weed is happily ringing the bell on the handlebars of his moped.

Next we have Adam who has been reading it seems;


Adam at sophistpundit gives us a review of Glen Reynolds latest book, "An Army Of Davids". I haven't read it, but now that I've read Adam's review, I might.

Here is a Virginia blogger that I have just discovered, Leslie Carbone;


Now this one is quite interesting. Several months ago I stumbled upon a blog from a guy who was on a quest to trade up from a single red paperclip, just to see how far up in value he could trade. I lost the link somewhere around the Dodge automobile, and never went back to find out how he made out. Leslie tells us he made trades all the way up to a house in Canada. Pretty cool, don't you think?

Back to Hampton Roads for a visit with insider at hrpolitics;


Insider shows us the "feminine side" of Phil Kellam, a candidate out in the Hampton Roads area.

Always on Watch has this;


Always on Watch details some plans for a Sept. 11 tribute. I think I like the idea myself.

Ready for a diet? You really must try this one;


I really liked this one. Let's not give away the ending.

Jim Hoeft (guess what? Right, Hampton Roads again. Must be something about the sea air) has this;


Jim comes in with the shocking news that Susan loves Felix

My good friend Carl is thinking about oil;


Kilo reports on a plan to build new refineries, on property that has been

We learn a bit about the head cat here;


Apparently the man in charge of the cathouse (or is he just the man "at" the cathouse?) has quite a sense of humor.

And finally, our neighbor The Southern Democrat (no wonder they have a hard time winning, apparently there's only one?) has this about the first Senatorial Debate;


Sorry Doug. I missed them both.

From Doug's great blog, Below the Beltway;
belowthebeltway.com/2006/07/13/too long URL/

And this from The Liberty Papers;

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