Friday, July 21, 2006

There Is A Single Mother Living In My Backyard

She and her little ones come by for dinner each evening.

Don't let the background of trees fool you. Less than 50 yards through those trees is another street with houses. I can hit a short iron shot into my uncle's front yard just over those trees. A driver or long iron in the other direction might hit a car on US 220. Collinsville, Martinsville, and most of the suburban areas of Henry County have become way overpopulated by deer in the past 10 years or so.

When I was growing up here hunters had to travel to Bath County or some other such destination to hunt deer. Quail, rabbit, and squirrel were about all the hunting there was to be had here until the early 1980's. Now, if I could shoot a bow worth a damn, I could keep my freezer full and never have to leave the back yard. Instead, I hunt with a rifle (sometimes I use a revolver) on some farms just east of here in Axton. And yes, I still keep my freezer full.

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