Sunday, November 26, 2006

Roscoe's Challenger To Be Introduced Here Soon

I'm out of the kitchen now. The apron is hanging by the door and I'm ready to join the big kids back out here in the political arena.

I mentioned in an earlier post that Roscoe Reynolds (D)-Ineptitude, will face a challenger during this election cycle. I'm almost prepared to name him, and I will as soon as I speak with him. For now you will know that he is from the western portion of the 20th SD, an area that Roscoe has ignored even more than he has those of us in the eastern portion.

I called this candidate this evening, but unfortunately I got his answering machine. It was around 6:30pm when I called, so I assume he was at church.

Check back often, as I may be able to update this post as early as later this evening.

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