Saturday, November 18, 2006

Welcome Home Roscoe

With one election cycle over and done, it's time to begin thinking about another. Wednesday, Nov.8 marked the beginning of the Roscoe Reynolds homecoming tour.

No, that may not mean quite what you think I mean. I like to think that 2007 will be the year that Roscoe comes home to stay. No more gruelling weeks in Richmond pretending to be effective for the 20th Senatorial District. No more of those exhausting fund raising dinners in Richmond and Central Virginia where he has historically picked up more than 50% of his campaign contributions. No more of those same tiring fundraisers outside his district, where the percentage rises to nearly 84%.

That's right folks. While Roscoe has been pretending to be effective for the cities of Martinsville and Galax, and the counties of Henry, Patrick, Floyd, Carroll, and portions of Grayson and Wythe, he has been collecting almost 84% of his campaign contributions from outside this area. Including almost 17% from outside the Commonwealth. His constituents are so fond of him they have only contributed 16% of his campaign funds, or maybe, due to his and Ward's complete ineptitude it's because there are so few industries left in their districts to generate any more than 16%.

Now I'm not saying that Roscoe is more beholden to those who have been paying his way for all these years than he is to those of us here in his district, but one does have to wonder if that may have become some small factor in his apparent lack of interest in representing these Blue Ridge Counties and the Southside City of Martinsville.

Of course one's opponent's campaign contributions are not really much of a campaign issue, if that's all you have, just ask Al Weed. There is much more to come. I'll be focusing on many of Roscoe's other well known traits as well, including his apparent ignorance of just what it is that the Supreme Court of the United States actually does. Remember, he's a lawyer. Roscoe's ignorance on this subject is documented within the pages of this blog. Yes, Roscoe, your ideas regarding Eminent Domain will be spread across this district.

Roscoe has a challenger this time. A challenger you will read more about here in the days, weeks, and months to come. I have volunteered myself to be the Henry County Chairman of the William Roscoe Reynolds Homecoming festival that will be celebrated for the following twelve months, culminating on the eve of November 6th, 2007.

Oh, Roscoe, one more thing. Welcome to Henry County, (tongue planted firmly in cheek).

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