Sunday, November 19, 2006

Some Intemperate Thoughts

  • Howling Latina recently used the following phrase; "The yummy gravy on the political souffle is Obama's opposition from the very beginning to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Just like Webb." Now that's a nauseating thought. I have numerous recipes for souffles, including one for a great bread pudding souffle with a bourbon sauce I begged and cajoled out of the chef at a great little restaurant in Augusta, GA. None of them would be enhanced by the addition of gravy.

  • I don't expect the new Democratic-controlled Senate to immediately confirm Robert Gates for defense secretary. My bet is they will hold out for a like-minded nominee. Is Cindy Sheehan available?

  • Look around. The stock market is at a record high. Interest rates are fairly low. Unemployment is at its lowest point in decades. The economy is generally sound and growing. And Nancy Pelosi wants to take us in a new direction.

  • First thing to go with the Democrats now in control? Wendy's "Super Value Menu".

  • A new Virginia blog. The Direction. It's a blog about blogs. In a weekly video format. I love the concept, I just hope it works. Good luck with it Ken.

  • To the lady in Collinsville; When I see your vanity license plate with "KY GIRL" on it I'm guessing you want to let everyone know you're from Kentucky. I'm afraid that's not what immediately comes to mind.

  • It is amazing that after all the recent weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth from the liberal bloggers about electronic voting machines we just had an election with no major complaints about being denied the right to vote and no major problems with the electronic machines. I wonder why?

  • Once upon a time there was a great little airline named Piedmont. US Air bought it out and promptly ruined it. US Air now wants to do the same with Delta.

  • I could possibly enjoy reading Politics With Pam if she would change either her background color or her text color. I'm sorry Pam, a black background is bad enough, but blue on black is just plain wrong.

  • In 2004 much was made of the exit polls. Two years later, with exit polls showing corruption to be at the top and Iraq way down on voter's agenda, Nancy Pelosi's first action was to place John Murtha in charge of clearing the US out of Iraq. She must have read those polls from the bottom up. And stopped before she reached the top.

  • Mark Martin will end his final full season in NASCAR today. Quite possibly the driver most deserving of a championship to have never won one.

  • A mention of NASCAR without a mention of Denny Hamlin's phenomenal rookie season is like Benny Parsons going more than 10 laps without mentioning how great Dale Earnhart Jr. is.

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