Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Love A Good Restaurant...And Atlanta's Just A Day Trip, Right?

Most of us in the Virginia Blogosphere (I hate that phrase, note to self, come up with something better) are familiar with Conaway Haskins, named "Virginia's Brainiest Blogger". (I don't think I was even considered) But how many of you have checked out his lovely wife's blog, Get Out There, Richmond! ?

She has this restaurant review thing going on, and I enjoy stopping by there. Even though I (very) seldom get to Richmond to sample the cuisine. I do enjoy food, though. The title of this blog is a reference to that fact, as well as my enjoyment of cooking.

As the plant moves slowly into production, and my time off becomes more likely, I will begin anew one of my favorite weekend pastimes, that of a short trip out of town to sample various restaurants. Her blog has (and will continue to) provide me with a list of places that deserve to be checked out during such trips.

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