Sunday, March 12, 2006

Virginia Landmark Contest IX

This looks a lot like the view from my bathroom window. But it's not.

This week's Virginia Landmark photo does not include the landmark.

Instead, what you get this week is the view from the landmark. Tell me where I was when this photo was taken.

An explanation for this week's format may be called for. Because the subject of the ninth Landmark Contest is so well known, and so immediately recognized, I decided to turn it around this week.

Behind these great Virginia Landmarks stands a mediocre photographer. Behind Floyd's Tugboat Phil stands an astute and observant wife. Last week's winner, Tugboat Phil, has been upstaged by Mrs. Tugboat. Check the comments and see Phil's first guess. I have to admit that there is one place in Collinsville, the area of Ridge rd and Murphy dr, looking toward Fieldale or Bassett, that has an almost identical view. But Mrs. Tugboat nails it. She has correctly identified the view from Monticello, looking down on Charlottesville VA.

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