Thursday, March 02, 2006

Heads Up! Carnival bloggers...

The last Time I hosted the Virginia Blogger's Carnival I had a blast! It was fun, and tedious both at once. This time however,...

I'm busy.
I am big time busy.
That's busy with a capital B, Busy. Like the proverbial paperhanger, or ass kicker, I'm busy.

I eagerly look forward to Sunday evening when I can use the Carnival as an excuse to enjoy some "me time". But Sunday evening is all the time I have allocated to this endeavor.

I'll be hosting the Virginia Blogger's Carnival for next week. Posts not in my nicotine stained fingers by 7:00pm Sunday night will most likely not make it into the Carnival before sometime Wednesday.

There has been some discussion lately regarding partisan political posts on the Carnival. I will not exclude partisan posts, but I do discourage them. My thoughts on this subject run more toward condeming partisan editorializing by the host. You will find me to be a completely neutral host, although I remain a conservative.

I'm looking for posts this weekend from some of our "less active" Virginia Bloggers. Less active at least as it pertains to the Carnival. Waldo, Kenton, Kilo, Jerry, JR and Squeaky, and Chad, of all people! You guys are all guilty of neglecting the Carnival. Don't make me put this on your "permanent record"... (Waldo and Kenton may be too young to get the joke, but I doubt the other five are.) Kenton, you would know, do they still threaten you with your "permanent record" in high school? Conaway, it's time you got on board as well. I tolerate no slackers. Ms. Elena, don't make me pick one at random. Romeocat, get one together and submit.

As I've stated before, I believe there should be some discretion allowed the host to include posts not actually submitted for the Carnival. I will include such posts. But "Host's Choice" submittals, at least on Carnivals hosted by me, will be non-partisan.

Contributions may be made by e-mailing me at the link located on the left sidebar or by using the Carnival submission form located here.

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