Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Favorite Radio Station

I used to think all radio stations in North America had call letters that started with a "W" or a "K" or a "C". I've found a great station though that doesn't. It's call sign begins with "S".

It's great! The content ranges from talk to sports to classical to bluegrass. It has news, it has music, it has extremely short commercials. Actually, all of it's content is short. No content lasts long enough to get boring.

I usually travel alone in my car, but whenever I have a passenger he or she will often complain about my favorite station. Whenever that is the case I concede and allow them to choose the audio entertainment.

Modern technology can be phenomenal, and often little understood. For example, this station has been available to me wherever I happened to be living at the time. In fact, I first discovered it when I was living in Florida in the mid '80s. I have since discovered that this station has apparently been so successful that all major auto makers have included a dedicated button on their standard installed radio that links you directly to this station.

Check it out for yourself. Look on your car radio for the button that will select radio station S C A N. You may just become a S C A N fan like myself.

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