Sunday, November 20, 2005

Volume 1, Issue 12 Virginia Blog Carnival

It is my extreme pleasure and honor to be allowed to host the 12th issue of the first year's edition of the Virginia Blogger Carnival. May it continue in the years to come as a valuable resource to future Virginians. Many thanks to Chad Dotson for coordinating our feeble efforts.

J.R and Squeeky at "Hampton Roads' Number One Source For Conservative Stuff" gets us started with what will become a regular feature on their newly redesigned blog. It's a great look and with this development in just a short time they may outrank NPR on the Hampton Roads Arbitron Ratings.

Next, the still recuperating Kilo is also on a sound subject with this post. I certainly intend to follow his advice as soon as possible. Be sure to check out the link contained in his post, it's awesome.

Norm, at One Man's Trash has discovered shorter (not to mention quicker) is not always better.

Continuing on somewhat the same theme, (my previous post even fits, though not intentionally, maybe there is something to this subliminal consciousness stuff after all...), Waldo revisits every audiophiles greatest quest and simultaneous nightmare. How can anyone winnow a subjective art like music down to a top ten list? Maybe it's the age difference, but his list looks nothing like mine. I'm 50; he's younger than my daughter. We do share a couple of artists though. That alone is enough to justify those artists place on anyones list, I guess. How about it Waldo, I'll trade you a Newbury Mp3 for one from the artist of your choice.

Brian Patton breaks us out of the audio theme with a post about some friends from Kentucky that dropped in on him Saturday-before-last. (That's a SWVA'ism, y'all). He also has one of the best blog pics I've seen in some time. Those of you who visit here regularly know how deep my roots run into his area of the state. (I've ridden motorcycles with Phillip Puckett, bet you and Chad can't claim that Brian...) This picture was a very welcome memory jog. Thanks Brian.

Next I want to present Adam Gurri, at Sophistpundit. He has an insightful take on the Hatfield, McCoy oops, Hucheson-Rodokankis feud. Of course this piece goes deeper than the feud. I have been tempted to post on this, but after reading Adam's post, I'm glad I didn't try to rise to his level of quality thought and prose.

Xyba at Once More Into The Breach offers his thoughts on the future of politics, in both Parties.

The Blue Dog and Steve oops again, The Blue Dog and Steve are lusting for a Mark Warner Presidential run, but not necessarily for the reasons you may think. (Get that other thought out of your head. The Horizontally striped shirt Steve is not capable of lust, but this one in the Valley most certainly is.)

From Burke, we have Bwana at Renaissance Ruminations explaining why nominating conventions are not utopia as they have recently been described by those with either a selective memory or none at all.

Come back with me now to my beloved Southwest where we find Jerry reminiscing about his college days. Well, not really, but those days do figure into the subject at hand.

As Host of this week's Carnival, I have reserved to myself the right to add one or two "Host's Picks" from among the Virginia Blogosphere.

For my first pick, I noticed there had been no submission from Black and White; upon checking I suspect this is the reason. So, I'll pick this one.

Hans sometimes does and sometimes don't. So I've picked this one.

Earlier this week a couple of our newer Virginia blogs were profiled on a few blogs, here I present one from Mason Conservative ,(BTW, thanks Chris for getting rid of the white on black text, older eyes don't handle that well) , one from SouthArlington and finally one from Adam Tolbert in the saltbox of the Confederacy at Smyth County Conservative.

Finally, my neighbor to the west in Meadows of Dan, Barnie Day, and I are polar opposites politically, but the man is a good writer. I have to include this from him.

I want to thank all our contributors this week for allowing me to host links to your excellent writing. After reading the submissions this week, I only hope that through some perverse type of osmosis I have absorbed some of your talent and will present better blogging from here in the future.

Next week, Brandon Myer, the author of this election analysis will get to enjoy this experience.

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