Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Ball Is Rolling On C'ville Too

Planning has begun for C'ville Too, the Virginia Blogger's Conference by bloggers for bloggers.

The conference will be at Patrick Henry Community College, via arrangments currently being handled by Barnie Day. Barnie has also graciuosly offered to help recruit speakers, and has presented me with an impressive list of choices.

I have been in touch via e-mail with J. Tucker Martin, Director of Communications for Attorney General Bob McDonnell. The Attorney General wants to participate, pending only a firm date.

My e-mail box is always open to anyone wishing to provide input on such items as;
  • Agenda
  • Date
  • Requested speakers
  • Workshops
Let's get together and make this happen sometime in late summer. I'm thinking about August, politics dies down somewhat then and you all will be searching for topics.

Via e-mail I've just learned that the College has been secured by Mr. Day, pending only notification of a firm date. According to Barnie, Max Wingett, president of the college, said "Patrick Henry Community College would be glad to sponsor a thing like this...". Other details to come.

Smith River Community Bank agrees to be lead sponsor--commits to $1000. BKD

Click the logo for the bank's website.

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