Thursday, May 04, 2006

Will Vehrs Steps In It...

No, not intentionally, and certainly not maliciously, but Will has come to experience the wrath of petty local politicians and CoC officials.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you most likely are also a regular reader of Commonwealth Conservative, the blog from Chad Dotson and Will Vehrs. A regular feature of CC is a weekly photo caption contest, with Will typically being the most prolific and humorous (well, except for Ron's five year old son) of entrants.

This past Friday the caption contest consisted of a photo from the Martinsville Bulletin featuring Mack Davidson and Cindy Price, winners of a jingle contest that was co-sponsored by the Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corp.

Apparently H.G.Vaughn (Henry County Board of Supervisors) and Kim Adkins (Chamber of Commerce) took serious offense at Mr. Vehrs' sense of humor. Mr. Vaughn's comments, as well as Ms. Adkins' are not avilable online, but this article is posted on the Mrtinsville Bulletin website. (Typically this link will die soon, but hopefully I can update it when it changes.)

What is available online is Will's sincere apology. Here's a link. He also explains further here, (scroll down to the comments).

I suggest local politicians take the advice of Barnie Day, as posted on Commonwealth Conservative;
Folks. Please. If you must, try breathing into a paper bag for a few minutes. I know Will Vehrs. There is no more consumate, articulate professional in all of Virginia. If we are to make those who have been critical of economic development efforts in Martinsville and Henry County-and, indeed, all across Southside-walk the plank, then I must go to the head of that line and walk it first. Are we to focus our collective frustration and blame our failures-and that’s what they are-failures-on the brilliant satire of one individual? I think not. To do so demeans all objective criticism, the very expression of which, in the long run will make us stronger and smarter. We must continually look inward as a community. Therein will we find the solution to the riddle that plagues us. Barnie Day, 604 Braswell Drive, Meadows of Dan, Virginia 24120 276-694-4921

Comment by Barnie Day — 5/4/2006 @ 8:56 am
A personal note to Will;
I don't know you personally, but have come to know you via e-mail and comments across the blogosphere. I have read each comment on the caption contest, and laughed heartily at most (I especially liked the Sid Clower reference). I am a Henry County native, and I took no offense. In my opinion, the flack you are recieving comes from a personal sense of failure on behalf of those in Martinsville/Henry County who have not been able to attract any meaningful economic development to the area. Especially those who think such silly endeavors as a "Jingle Contest" will somehow magically produce real results. Again, my personal thoughts are that such frivolous efforts are merely an attempt at "fooling the natives into thinking we are doing something". I do remember the "O Henry" campaign guys.

I have more to say on this, but time does not allow me to continue. Look for more here in the days to follow.

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