Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Waldo, Come Clean With Us

I've been too nice to Waldo.

I respect the efforts he and others have expended in producing the "official Sorensen blog conference". But there are some major discrepancies in the comment I quoted earlier that need to be addressed here and now.

Waldo said:
Many months of preparation have gone into this. Thousands of dollars have been paid for deposits. Dates have been considered, accepted, failed, rejected. Speakers have been arranged, plane tickets reserved, hotel room blocks booked, etc. Though it's nice that an idea has popped up in the past few days that bloggers should get together in Martinsville, it's not possible to abandon months of work, a half dozen speakers, and a considerable sum of money in order to, at the last moment, select a new location.
OK, I can imagine there would be a considerable amount of planning involved.

But, according to Waldo, plane tickets have been ordered. Speakers have been aligned. Hotel room blocks have been booked. Why, then, are no speakers announced on the "official Sorensen blogger conference" website? Why does the "official Sorensen blogger conference" website list no hotel accommodations available? According to Waldo, "a half dozen speakers" have been booked, yet each seminar lists the speaker as TBA (to be announced)?

Why does the website for the "official Sorensen blogger conference" list none of those hotel room blocks that have been reserved? Instead you get this.(link recently updated to show some accommodations available)

So, apparently we can look forward to some out of state speakers, coming in via plane, who are yet to be announced. And some workshops held by others that are also yet to be announced. And we are already pre-registered at some of Charlottesville's finest hotels, also to be announced.

Come clean Waldo. Admit that you have barely gotten this put together before Will called for the event to be held here in the other C'ville and are scrambling to cover your ass.

To date there have been no out of state speakers scheduled. What plane ticked are involed here, Waldo?

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