Sunday, May 07, 2006

Blogger's Conference In Henry County, Maybe?

It's been suggested here at Not Larry Sabato, and here at Commonwealth Conservative that Martinsville or Collinsville in Henry County would be a good location for a blogger's conference. I agree wholeheartedly.

Both of the suggestions above are at least somewhat tied to the controversy created by Will Vehrs' comments on Martinsville that appeared last week on Commonwealth Conservative. While I do believe that an appearance by Mr. Vehrs in Martinsville at such an event would help his current situation, I also believe a conference held here would benefit the Martinsville/Henry County area more. Indeed, all of Southside could benefit from the exposure it would surely create. Think about it, all of Virginia's bloggers posting at once about the great business environment Henry County has to offer. All of Virginia's bloggers posting about the people they meet here, and the work ethic they are shown by those people.

I have no experience organizing an event of this nature, but I hereby volunteer any free time I may have to help anyone who would be willing to help put this together.

I would imagine Will would be anxious to speak personally to the folks here in Henry County, and offer his opinions as to what we can do for the area. I would love to hear Norman or Waldo speak at such an event here. I would personally call Barnie Day and request his appearance. Hell, I would even invite Ward and Roscoe.

Just about the time I started this blog last year a conference had just concluded. Of course I didn't go, but I do wish I had. I see on Waldo's website that plans have been made to hold this event in Charlottesville again. If those plans are not fixed, I ask that the organizers reconsider and place it in the Martinsville/Henry County area.

Think about this, even if the idea of helping out Southside does not come into play. Because Virginia's shape geographically is roughly that of an equilateral triangle, and Martinsville being near the middle of the base of that triangle, we are no farther from Williamsburg than we are from Bristol or Fredericksburg.

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