Monday, May 29, 2006

Hey Everybody. I've Got Company!

For some time now I've been disappointed to find that I'm the only active blogger in the Henry/Patrick County area. This has always struck me as odd. Martinsville, Collinsville, Stuart and the surrounding communities are filled with intelligent, interesting people who could contribute much to the Virginia Blog community.

Well, today I found The Southern Democrat;
...a rising senior at Virginia Tech studying Political Science, with a smidgen of History, Urban Affairs, and Communications mixed in there. I am currently the Southwest Region Chair of the Virginia Young Democrats, in addition to providing Senior council on the executive board of the Young Democrats at Virginia Tech. I was born and raised outside of Martinsville, Virginia, where I learned that the best things in life come with a lot of hard work, and usually tugging on the end of a fishing line. Growing up there, I have seen plenty of bad policy in action and just how it effects the lives of real people. It is with that, that I am motivated to make something of myself in the realm of politics and policy in order to fix such problems, and help to ensure that such issues cease to arise as they seemingly do so in all too many instances.
Sure, he's an idealistic young Democrat, (hopefully more in the mold of Brian Patton than Waldo Jaquith), who fancies himself to be a piece of furniture, but I'm happy to have some company here. Welcome Southern Democrat. I look forward to reading you often.

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