Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Let's Stop The Sniping At C'ville One

I got a lot of hits today from this post by Ben at NLS.

My previous post explains the misunderstanding that led to a well deserved chastising from Waldo.

I want to address some of the comments on Ben's post. Several of the comments make reference to my criticism of the "Official Sorensen Blog Conference". To date, my only criticism of the event has been to point out the discrepancies between Waldo's comment on a blog and the actual content of the official website.

I had a "pipe dream" of moving the conference to Henry County, but soon came to the realization that it would not happen. I then decided that I would lead an effort to produce a conference here in the other C'ville (Not Charlottesville, Not Centereville, Not even Claudeville, but Collinsville. Collinsville is the actual location of all of Martinsville's better hotels.) Please read all my previous posts on this subject, you will see that I have yet to criticize the actual event.

Actually, I will probably attend the "Official Sorensen Blog Conference". But I will still work to produce a similar venue here in this other C'ville too.

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