Sunday, May 28, 2006

Thanks, But No Thanks Sorensen

I expressed my thoughts earlier on some of the aspects of the Official Sorensen Blog Summit. At that time my reservations centered on the apparent rush to get the final details nailed down with little or no input from the Blog community. "Plane tickets have been booked", remember?

This weekend I've had time to look at the agenda, as well as my own schedule to determine if I will attend. Today I noticed that it's scheduled for Father's Day weekend. That would be a negative point.

A few weeks ago I was shocked to learn that the "Blogfather of the Daily Kos" was to be the Keynote speaker. I suppose Ol' Kos himself was too busy. This lineup of leftists lacks only Dan Rather to give it it's final push over the edge.

So, will I pay $50, plus a $100 hotel room, plus another $50 tank of gas, on Father's Day weekend to boot, to listen to all these fellow travelers? I think not.

I see NLS has this. And Chad says this. And Kilo said this.

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