Friday, January 05, 2007

Another Al Qaeda Message Forthcoming?

I'm told that a new message from Al Qaeda second in command Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri is forthcoming. Most likely to further congratulate the Democrats for winning one more for their side.

Watch this space for video when it's available.

As promised, a portion of the text from al Zawahiri's latest message;
"I speak to you today as the crusader invader forces of Ethiopia violate the soil of the beloved Muslim Somalia. I call upon the Muslim nation in Somalia to remain in the new battlefield that is one of the crusader battlefields that are being launched by America and its allies and the United Nations against Islam and Muslims. Launch ambushes, land mines, raids and suicidal combats until you consume them as the lions and eat their prey. My brother Muslims in Somalia, don’t be traumatized by America’s force because you have defeated it previously with the support of Allah, and it is weaker today than before."

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Isophorone said...

I do encourage the Islamic radicals to be as suicidal as possible! LOL