Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Spend 12 Minutes With Your Eyes (and mind) Wide Open

Set aside everything else. Take 12 minutes to watch this in its entirety. Too many of your fellow Americans do not fully understand that our nation, our way of life, the entire world is at war.

A war that has been declared on us, not we on them. A war with an enemy that will dwarf the threat we faced from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. A war with an enemy that does not distinguish between military and civilian targets. A war with an enemy that takes its orders not from some military commander, but from their sadistic version of a god. A god that they have twisted and distorted and fabricated from the God of Abraham. A god (yes, a small "g" god) that is in no way the one true God. A god that is more idol than god. A god that justifies killing innocent civilians in his pathetic glory.

Some "get it", and know that changes have to be made. Changes in how we deal with immigration. Changes in how we deal with airport security. Changes in how we deal with maritime port security, changes in how we deal with border security. And most importantly, changes in how we view ourselves militarily.

As Caroline Glick says in the video;
Every single country in the world is dealing with this right now. You see that the Thias are dealing with it, the Europeans are dealing with it in Madrid, the Russians are dealing with it in Chechnya, the British are dealing with it in London and in Manchester.
Pay particular attention to the children. Children being taught hate at an extremely young and innocent age. There is simply no way to negotiate or even bargain, dicker or haggle with such an ideology. Typical Democrat political correctness will not work. "Tolerance" means nothing to these people, so if you purport to tolerate them, you do so at the cost of other American's safety.

In fact, every time a Democrat in power at any level denounces the current administration, or claims that America is acting imperialistic. Or that we are fighting a war for oil, credence is given to the propaganda used to incite these terrorists and indoctrinate these children. The movie does mention that not all Muslims hold to these radical beliefs, but when you see the children being taught to hate like this, how long will it be before these guys are the majority of Muslims?

Now wait a while and watch it again. And again. Even better go to www.ObsessionTheMovie.com and buy a copy of the full length movie to share with your friends and family.

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