Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Say It Ain't So Ward, Even You Can't Be Such A Ninny

I've heard, but cannot confirm, that Henry County's own jackass in the House of Delegates, Ward Armstrong, is attempting to line up votes against a nominee for a judgeship in Wise County, VA.

Now, you may be asking yourself why would Ward care who is appointed a judgeship more than 4 hours west of any place Ward might ever hope to practice law?

It's party politics folks, pure and simple. Well maybe not quite pure, but at least like Ward, it's simple. He is holding a grudge. And he hopes to curry favor with local voters who may not fully understand what he's doing.

What sort of grudge could Ward have with someone way out in Wise County, you ask? I'll answer that. The nominee once published a blog. He was the "First elected blogger". Republican Commonwealth's Attorney Chad Dotson was the proprietor of Commonwealth Conservative, the blog Will Vehrs was writing for when he gained the attention of our local idiot, Ward.

If you will remember, Mr. Vehrs wrote some hilariously funny captions to go along with a photo of a local Chamber of Commerce contest winner. Ward, whose sense of humor is much more sophisticated (in his own mind) and runs more along the lines of sexual innuendo directed toward female delegates rather than music, failed to recognize satire when he was staring it in the face.

Ward did not get his "pound of flesh" after demanding Mr. Vehrs' firing, (actually, after serving a ten day suspension, Mr. Vehrs was completely exonerated in his grievance hearing), So now Ward is going after revenge against Chad Dotson. A man he has most likely never met, and could not hope to match in stature if he was atop a four foot stepladder.

The side benefit is, as it always is with Ward after a spectacular failure, he can go on the local cable access station, (think Wayne's World with lower production values and less professionlism), and proclaim how hard he was working to defend our area's reputation. Yeah, like he in any way actually adds to our reputation. He is and has been a bigger detriment to that reputation than ten Will Vehrs and Chad Dotsons could ever be.

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