Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is Islam Truly A Religion Of Peace? Or Is It A Piece Of Religion?

We've all heard lately about how Islam is the "Religion of peace", most recently from Virgil Goode's detractors on the left. Let me make this clear, Virgil has yet to condemn anyone of the Islamic faith, much less Mr. Ellison.

What has been warned about is the underlying motives behind many of the Islamic faith in their pilgrimage to the United States. We are told they are here for the freedoms afforded them by our constitution, and for some of them that may be true. But for a certain percentage it is not. I ask you to only look at the founders of CAIR to see the truth in that statement.

Recently on a radio station I listen to daily there was an interview with a young man, an American citizen born and raised, who had converted to Islam in his teenage years. This young man is intelligent, articulate, and forthcoming in his statements with his interviewers.

One point of his dialog with his interviewers was the question of whether or not Islam was a religion of peace. You will most likely be surprised at his revealing answer. His answer will surprise many of Islam's defenders on the left when he says;
Islam is a religion of peace, but it's not the religion of peace with your fellow human being on the face of this earth. It is a religion of peace with God, if God says kill this man or I will make war on you, then the Muslim is not going to war with God and refuse to do what God said. This is how muslims rationalize their behavior.

Notice how well this meshes with the statements of those Christian fundamentalists such as Eric Rudolph, who was universally condemned by us on the right. Yet the Left is insistent upon excusing these thoughts by Muslims in the name of "freedom of religion". But more importantly, pay attention to the final moments of his interview when he explains the ideals of middle eastern immigrants to America and just what their agenda truly is.

Just another example of the hypocrisy of the left in America. Yes, Howling Latina and Waldo, I would be weeping too, if I felt the way you two do.

Note: If my bandwitdth is exceeded by this post, the entire audio file can be downloaded here, from the WZTK website.

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