Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Martinsville & Henry County Forum

I've been somewhat neglectful of this little blog for the past few days. During the past week Badrose and I have been busy setting up a discussion forum. If you've noticed the lack of blog activity either here or at Badrose blog, well, now you know the reason.

I encourage all of you to drop by the forum at Although the new forum's primary focus is on Martinsville and Henry County; Virginia overall is also a high priority. We have topics ranging from politics (of course) to pet care to restaurant reviews. I am especially looking forward to seeing visits from some of my favorite comment contributors such as Tugboat Phil and Charles. Who knows Ron, we may even begin a weekly caption contest on there.

Oh, one more thing. You are required to register before posting a comment, but registration is quick and painless and you are not required to use your real name.

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