Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Henry County Moment Coming?

Like most here in Henry County I read the Martinsville Bulletin. Sure, it's a left leaning locally owned paper which only publishes news that the owner decides is publishable, but it's the only place in the area for any kind of real news.

The other two sources are incredibly weak when it comes to real news. For the most part Bill Wyatt's TV and radio stations simply read the Bulletin or the Roanoke Times on the air while Charles Roarke's cable access station serves up juicy gossip, but seldom has anything of substance.

Now, via badrose, I see that there may be another Martinsville and Henry County moment brewing. This one involving the rape and sodomy of a 17 year old male. The connection that badrose points out is very tenuous at best, but if the dots lead where they appear to go there could be some serious repercussions for one of Henry County's media outlets.

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